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New Windows 10 features and review

Windows 10 features and full review (Updated in 2017)

Microsoft Corporation did much razzle-dazzle about Windows 8 before launching it. But not long afterwards to discuss Windows 8 becomes the critique. With criticism and under pressure they released the version 8.1 of Windows 8 as well as other changes to the Start menu and some of the solutions are significant . But , it became fail to satisfy the customers. After Microsoft Corporation declared about The new operating system Microsoft Windows 9 . But, now instead of releasing the Windows 9, they will released the windows 10. It s a big surprise for everyone . Today, we will show you Windows 10 features and review. Now see the Windows 10 features and more bellow.

Windows 10 features and review :

# Universal platform

Microsoft windows 10 is also called as universal platform . Because, this latest operating system can be installed in PC as well as tablets, and cell phones .

# Big changes in the Start menu :

A significance changes have been made in start menu of Windows 10 . The start menu of Windows 10 is the combination of The Windows 7 and 8 . Here all programs can be found like Windows 7. Here also Metro Apps with other Apps can freely adjust like Windows 8 .

# Multiple desktops on the same system:

The Linux operating system was the opportunity to use multiple desktops before. Now The Windows 10 will have the multi-desktop feature simultaneously to use multiple jobs facilitate. This facility had before in ‘Windows 8’ and 8.1,but it could be made a maximum of two separate desktops. In ‘Windows 10’ four or more desktop can be created and multi work can be done together .There are an icon name task view in task bar of Windows 10. By clicking this you can create multiple desktops. In Windows 10 to start multiple desktop you have to press win + Ctrl + D and to turn off have to press win + Ctrl + F4. To change Desktop from one to another you have to press Windows + TAB.

# Advanced Touch features

Microsoft released touch related Windows-powered devices by operating system Windows 8 . But There are Several bug or error on that. An enhanced qualities have been added on the new operating system by eliminating the Touch features. Zoom in, zoom out, scroll, minimized, maximized, etc. can be done With the touch of fingers very easily.

# New appearance in keyboard

There are a significance changes in keyboard of the Windows 10 . There will be a nice keyboard with nice feature which is a good gift for the tablet users .The notification will appear in the Windows 10 operating system when a user add the Keyboard to Windows 10 operated tab. The user can use the device in any mode. Tab or desktop mode. This feature is the blessing for Surface device users. Now users can use the device by changing any mood.

# Innovation continuum feature

Continuum feature is a new and sophisticated feature for OS . continuum feature have been added in Windows 10. See More: How to capture PC screen for a special area by easy way.

# One Account for all devices

The same interface can be used in desktop computers , Windows tablets and Windows smartphones in the Windows 10. Then the Multiple accounts are not required.

# Universal apps store

This is also a exclusive feature of windows 10 . In This feature , the any downloaded aps from the Windows Store can be used for all the devices .

# Snap assist

A change has been done in Windows snapping feature . Will Automatically re-size windows across the whole screen for this feature. Read More: How to password protect word document or word file.

The devices that can run on Windows 10:

Windows 10 can be used in all devices those can be run Windows 8 . The processor must be 64-bit. For this may not be run in the old Windows 10 PCs.

When can be found in Windows 10?

To use the full version of Windows 10, we must wait till early in the next years. However, if you want to download and install the developer preview version of Windows 10 you can take a taste.

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