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Saint Martin in Bangladesh amazing photos

Travel to Saint Martin in Bangladesh ( Tour tips)

The blue of the sky is bathing in the blue of the sea , the boat tied to the shore, the gentle rhythm of the waves and the aesthetic lines of coconut trees and soft touch of air on its. It is the small attempt to describe the beauty of the coral island of St. Martin located in Bangladesh. It is one of the top tourist place in Bangladesh. Saint Martin is the combination of knowledge and unparalleled leisure center for the people of Sand, stone and coral biodiversity. Transparent jelly fish in the water, different types of marine fish, turtle, living coral have become St. Martin as a primary mystery of the world. This is the only coral island in Bangladesh.

St. Martin is a small island about 120 km far away from Cox’s Bazar district town. Water and water everywhere. It’s area is about 17 square kilometers. From Teknaf it will take about two hours to go there. The population of almost six thousand. Coconut, onion, pepper, tomato and rice are the main agricultural products of this island. Almost all the residents are involved in fishing profession. But lately, due to the development of the tourism industry, restaurant, residential hotel or grocery shop, They are living through these. The people of Saint Martin Island is close to simple people, their warm hospitality is the main attraction for tourists. There are low-cost lodging for tourists here.

Saint Martin in Bangladesh amazing photos

How to go Saint Martin:

If you want to go Saint Martin from anywhere of the country, you must go to Cox’s Bazar first. Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf on the jeep first, Then via C-Truck, Ship or boat to Saint Martin from Teknaf directly. Everyday some buses directly leaves to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. AC bus fare costs 800 – 1200 BDT and non-AC 400-700 BDT. When you will reach in Cox’s Bazar then It will take BDT 30-50 on bus, BDT 40-60 in a taxi or  BDT 500-1000 to reserve microbus (8-10 seats) to go to the Teknaf. These vehicles run in the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf routes every day from early morning. You can go there by ships through sea route. You can go to the desired vehicle. However, as the vessel-bed Sindabad and Naphasia are reliable and safe. The ship takes two hours from Teknaf to Saint Martin. These ships leave from Teknaf to St. Martin at 3 pm in everyday. In winter, the sea is calm and In the summer-monsoon, the sea is rough then moving is very risky.

Saint Martin in Bangladesh amazing photos

Restaurant where to Eat:

Who want to go Saint Martin for a short time and want to return before the evening, they will have to climb back on ship before 3 pm. 3 hours are enough time to explore the small area of the island. However, those who want to go to the main island and Sera Dip should have quite some time. There are some hotels and restaurants for food here for the tourists. Some of these are Marjan-bed Restaurant, Beach Point, Hotel Allaher Dan, Bazar Beach. There also The Assam Hotel, Sea Beach, St. Martin, Comilla restaurant, Real restaurant, Haji Selim Park, St. Martin’s tourist park etc. Read More: Top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit (with pictures).

Hotels-motels where to stay:

There are some quality hotels and cottages present in Saint martin to stay. There are 16 hotels and cottages where about 500 tourists can stay at night. There is accommodation for tourists in many homes. 200-250 BDT will rent money, and therefore there are the pressure in winter season and for this the owners take fare money according their wills . Now get the name of some hotels and their address.

Simana Periye: They have 10-rooms accommodation for 4 people in a room. Rental of BDT 700-800 per room, in tent BDT 300 for 4 people. Food costs BDT 50-70 per people

Prince Heaven: The room numbers are 18, double room rent is BDT 600-800. Accommodation for 4 people together. Single room accommodation for two people rent money BDT 400-500. Contact: 0189308058.

Blue-Marine Resort: 34 gust rooms and 18 double bedrooms. Triple bedrooms 13, six bedrooms 5 and two cottages. Rent money for double BDT 1000, triple BDT 1200 Money, for 6 bed BDT 1500, 5-bed cottages BDT 500.

Sumudra Bilas (Writer Humayun Ahmed’s house): 4-rooms house, every room BDT 500-1000. There is also the Beach Camp; Hotel Sagor Par, Coral Hotel, Shrabon Bilas, Hotel swapno and Riyadh guest house. Residential facilities are available in almost every home in the tourist season. It’s possible to talk directly to homes.
N.B: Rent fare may be some differences.

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