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Kuakata Sea Beach, Bangladesh - Hotel list & Travel guide

Kuakata Sea Beach, Bangladesh – Hotel list & Travel guide

Kuakata Sea Beach, Bangladesh – Hotel list & Travel guide. Many of us in our country spent money for traveling in abroad for years and years. I tell you, how have you much traveled in your country? You can not imagine, how many beauties are hiding in this small poor country! How much attractive tourist spots are here? Kuakata Sea Beach is that type of attraction.

About of Kuakata, Bangladesh

Kuakata is one of the top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit. Legend has it that, being driven out of Burma, Arawakan build settlements here. Then they dug many wells for drinking water. Since this part is called Kuakata. The daughter of the sea is a another name of Kuakata Sea Beach.

The 18 km lengthen Kuakata Sea Beach is one of the beautiful places in the world. It is the only place of the world where you can see the sunset and sunrise standing at same place. The best sunset sight you can see from the West Bank, and the best sunrise from bank of Gangamati. In this time, the immense of natural beauty harmony each other, when the sun does not seem far  away.

There are also a mangrove forest from the west side. It is already known as the Second Sundarban. The name of the forest is Fatrar forest. There are variety of trees here such as Geoya, Golpata, and Fatrar trees. You will see all the diverse animals easily. A large group of Rakhine people lives here . You can go easily to the Rakhine community and can enjoy their lives. The biggest community is 8 km far away from the beach at Amakholapara.

The subcontinent biggest Buddhist temple is at Mishripara. The sea beach is ended at Gangamoti canal in the east. From here the Gangamati or Gajamati forest started. Here, the rare species of moorhen will be seen . Overall, if you are a nature lover, then Kuakata Sea Beach will be able to get you very closer to the nature. So, Travel to Kuakata Sea Beach, Bangladesh for natural attraction.

How to travel to Kuakata Sea Beach, Bangladesh

The distance of Kuakata from Dhaka by road is 380 kilometers and from Barisal is 108 kilometers. Several buses have services now to direct communication from Dhaka. You can travel to Kuakata directly from Dhaka by Druti Paribahon, Sakura Paribahon and others from Gabtali bus terminal or  Sayedabad bus terminal. When you travel via these bus, They drop you at 200 meters away from the beach. Rent is only 500-550 BDT. The times on bus from Dhaka takes about 12-13 hours to go. A bus from BRTC leaves at 7am to Kuakata from Khulna to travel to Kuakata Sea Beach.

To go from Khulna it takes about 7/8 hour. And if you want to come from North Bengal, you have to come in Khulna first via Saidpur-Khulna route Rupsha/Simanto intercity train service. If you come in Khulna by Simanto intercity train at night, you can go to Kuakata by BRTC bus at 7 am.

Travel to Kuakata, Bangladesh

However, if you want to go Kuakata by road after passing Barisal, you have to cross ferry of lebukhali, Kolapara, Hajipur and Mahipura. However, the tourist who want to go Kuakata from Dhaka by water way,they can get relief from suffering of two ferries.

From Dhaka by luxury double Decker MV Parabat,  MV Saikat, MV Sundarban, MV Sampad, MV Prince of Barisal, MV Patarhat, you can come in Patuakhali or Kolapara. Then by bus route, you can reach in Kuakata Sea Beach. The above launches leave to Patuakhali from Dhaka at 5pm – 7pm from Sadarghat Launch terminal. Single cabin rental fee is only 600 BDT

Hotel and Resort in Kuakata

You can find numerous hotel & resorts in Kuakata. There are two Dak Banglo and Sagor Konna Parjoton Holiday Homes in Kuakata. There are two rest house of LGED, one of Roads and Highway Divisions, two of District Council and Rakhaine Academy has one rest house. If you want to rest here, you have to get approval of the relevant department.

Besides, by the help of private sector, there are many hotel, motel and resort are built here. Modern standards agreed hotel are Hotel Nilanjana, Hotel B-view, Hotel Golden Parej, Hotel Beach Vally, Hotel Family Homes, Kuakata Guest House, Hotel Daughter of Sea, Hotel Al Hera, Hotel  Akon, Hotel Sea Garden and more.

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