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Traditional Bangladeshi food culture

Traditional Bangladeshi food culture – A complete overview

Each and every nation possesses its own traditional food habit. Bangladesh is not different in this case. You can find numerous traditional Bangladeshi food. In field of food habits, Bangladesh is inspired by regional variants of it’s historical past. Becoming an part of Mughal Empire once, it holds it’s traditions. Again many customs, religions, tribal groups have their own food style. Overall there is a big food items collection here.

Bangladesh is renowned for rice production which is the main profession of it’s people. Consequently Rice is the main food of Bangladesh. The people consume rice, just not a little amount but a lot. They take rice daily with every meal along with superb testy and spicy vegetables, fishes as well as meat.

Traditional Bangladeshi food habits

For the vegetarians, Bangladesh is a place of paradise. Lots of fresh vegetables can be found all year round. One of them, winter vegetables are usually favorite for their various formulations and taste. The most popular vegetables from Bangladesh are Cauliflower, Tomato, Cabbage, Potato, Beans, reddish, Peas, Radish, Carrot, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Bitter-ground, Drumstick, Arum and Arum-root, Bind-weed and many more. The majority of the restaurants provide some types of vegetable daily possibly fried or Bharta (cereals of different vegetables or even fishes dry or fresh along with spices which are totally tasty).

Daily traditional Bangladeshi food

Typically the people of Bangladesh have meal in 3 times each day known as Breakfast – around 8.00 am, Lunch – around 2.00 pm and also dinner – around 10.00 pm . It is an amazing facts about Bangladesh. Aside from they eat snakes in evening.

At dawn, a farmer or a worker begins their long day having a breakfast of Panta ( boiled rice damp over night within water and also a bit fermented). This special rice blended with salt and chilly, often green or fried ones but this isn’t only the just kind of breakfast items. Chira (compressed rice), Muri (puffed rice) or Khoi (popped rice) are also another items in traditional breakfast in almost Bangladeshi homes in the countryside regions. They are consumed with milk, seasonal fruits, yogurt or Gur (a crude type of local sugar).

Breakfast of Bangladesh

Breakfast: Wheat made plain bread often with oil is one more popular breakfast item. Numerous people take bread in breakfast with combined vegetable which includes egg, different kind of meat, or with a hot cup of tea.

Chicken biriyani Recipe of Bangladesh
Chicken Biriyani

Lunch: Lunch is the primary meal for all Bangladeshis. The majority of the people eat plain rice in lunch. Many of them have varieties of vorta as well as Bhaji (a kind of fried vegetable) are quite famous. In addition they eat several types of hot and spicy illusive fishes along with it. Consequently it is known as that Mase vate Bangali. Dal (pulse) is a traditional Bangladeshi food in lunch. Including ground ginger, onion, garlic, cumin, as well as soup pepper pastes, this meal included as well fennel seeds, methie, black cumin and many more herbs creates the meal tremendously delicious.

Local fishes recipe of Bangladesh
Fishes recipe of Bangladesh

Dinner: Most Bangladeshis have similar pieces of food items in dinner. Milk and rice is quite popular as the final item of dinner. This is consumed with seasonal fruits such as banana, mango or jack fruit or simply with Gur (local sugar). We also described about the top 10 Bangladesh destinations to visit in our previous post. If you are interested, you can check that.

Different Rice Cakes of Bangladesh
Rice Cakes

Various food habits

While in harvesting season, the breakfast and evening snakes include an excellent range of rice cakes of various shapes and sizes, sugary or salted, fried, sun dried, boiled or cooked. The traditional rice cakes are chitoi, Sandwish, dhupi, Pati-Sapta, pufi, antasha, Vapa, pua, different Nakshi Pitha and so on. In weeding as well as different social events, Biriani (a kind of fine rice with beef, chicken or mutton prepared in Ghee or maybe clarified butter), Pilaw (a kind of spicy like Biriani with no meat) with mutton Rezala or Chicken roast is served as main meal. Khichuri (Hotchpotch) is an another famous item in Bangladeshi food habit. Various type of pickle of mango, olive, tomato etc. are also consumed a lot.

Khichuri Recipe
Khichuri Recipe

Bangladeshi people start their day with a cup of tea. Drinking tea is a popular traditional Bangladeshi food culture. There are numerous food items here we can’t describe those in one place right now. If you will visit this country, you can have a great experience with these traditional Bangladeshi food. So, travel in Bangladesh and discover a paradise of delicious and tasty food items.

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