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Srimangal - Tourist places in Sylhet

Tourist places in Sylhet, Bangladesh you must visit before you die

Sylhet is a top attraction of Bangladesh. It is a divisional city and one of the attractive tourist place of the country. It is situated at the north-east zone. There are more Tourist places in Sylhet which can attract the tourist easily. Sylhet is a holly place for both Muslims and Hindu. Because,  Shahjalal (R) Mazar and Sree Chaitanya Dev Temple are presented here. Winter season is a good duration to travel tourist place in Sylhet. At this time you can find the foreign birds in the water area.

Sylhet is situated at bank of the Surma River.  There are Sylhet, Habiganj, Moulvibazar, Sunamganj are the districts of Sylhet division. However, The most attractive Tourist places in Sylhet are Jaflong , Keane Bridge , Khasia Village, Lawachara National Park.

There are also Madhabpur lake, MAG Osmani Museum, Shrine of Hazrat Shah Paran, Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal(R), Lalakhal, Bisnakhandi, Khadim Rainforest, Tamabil, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Srimangal, HumHum Waterfall, Madhabkunda Waterfall etc. Now we introduce you with the to top tourist place in Sylhet you should visit before you die.

Top Tourist places in Sylhet, Bangladesh

1) Jaflong, sylhet

Jaflong sylhet - Tourist places in Sylhet

Jaflong is the great attractive natural tourist places in Sylhet in Bangladesh. It is about 60 Km far away from the sylhet city. It is a most attractive place with near by the tea and orange garden. Jaflong is located besides the Mari river and near by the Khasia hill. River Mari is originated from the Himalaya of India. It brings the stone with it’s tide from the Himalaya. You can collect these colorful stones from Jaflong. You can see the hanging Duke bridge in India and high hills from here.

2) Keane Bridge

Keane Bridge - Tourist places in Sylhet

Keane Bridge is  the top tourist places in Sylhet city. It is situated over the Surma River. It is also called as a door of Sylhet city. It was made by iron and built in 1936. British Governor of Assam, Sir Micheal Keane named this bridge as your own Keane Bridge.

3) Lawachara National Park

lawachara national park bangladesh

Lawachara National Park is a part of the West Bhanugacha  reserve forest. It was established in 1996. The total area of 2740 hectares. Forest are of the Lawachara National Park is of 1250 hectares. You can find here the Khasia and Tripura tribal village. The forest wetlands, small streams and hilly sandstone areas are really amazing. You can visit Lawachara National Park from Shreemangal and Kamalgonj easily. It is only 8 kilometers from the town of  Shreemangal.

4) Madhabpur lake

Madhabpur lake - Tourist places in Sylhet

Madhabpur lake is situated nearby the Madhabpur tea garden in Kamalgonj Upozila of Moulvibazar district.  It is only 8 km far away from Vanugachh. Again Vanugachh is situated only 13 km far away from Shreemangal. So, when you visit Shreemangal, you should visit here. It is a most attractive tourist spot during the winter season. Because then the migratory birds are seen here. A amazing seen is created then.

5) Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest - Tourist places in Sylhet

It is only recognized swamp forest of Bangladesh and is located in Sylhet. There are Goyain river in north and a large haor in South of Sylhet district. The Ratargul Swamp Forest is in the middle location. This swamp forest is situated at border area of Fatehpur Union of Sylhet district. This is about 26 kilometers far away from the Sylhet City. Plants in this forest are under water mostly four to seven months of the year . The clean fresh water can give you a amazing felling when you ride over the boat through the forest.

6) Srimangal

Srimangal - Tourist places in Sylhet

If you want to see the natural beauty, you must visit to Srimangal. It has the most beautiful weather and called as a tea capital in Bangladesh. The arranged sloped hills with tea garden are really amazing.  Here you can find the Khasia and Monipuri tribal village nearby the tea garden. Sreemangal is an Upazila of Maulvibazar district. It is the place where you should be the destination to travel.

7) Madhabkunda waterfall

Madhabkunda waterfall

Madhabkunda waterfall is the biggest waterfall in the country situated in the Maulvibazar district. The waterfall comes  from the peaks of the high mountains. To see the crystal waters of the waterfall, tourists visit here the whole year. It is only 5 km away from the Kanthaltali of  Borolekha Upazila. With the development of the communication system, you can visit Madhabkunda waterfall both by road and rail.

8) HumHum Waterfall

HumHum Waterfall - Tourist places in Sylhet

It is the most famous waterfall in Bangladesh. It is situated at Kamalgonj Upozila of Moulvibazar district in Sylhet. It is really an amazing tourist place in Sylhet division. The waterfall becomes more attractive with it’s surrounding sights. It is a great attraction for the tourist. You should visit here before you die. It is really and amazing place.

Dear, friends we introduced you the only top tourist place in Sylhet above. There are also more attractive tourist places in Sylhet division. You can visit there. We have a bad information to travel our country. We think that there are no attractive tourist place in our country. But it is a false ideas. We have enough places to visit than others. We only need to visit there.

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