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Shiseido - Top 10 beauty brands of the world

Top 10 beauty brands of the world in 2016

Both men and women wish to look beautiful but women are a lot more conscious regarding their look. This is the main cause to build various companies which are creating products for making them more beautiful. We see that there are numerous brands all over the world. Some of them are famous such as Mac, Olay, L’Oreal etc. All these beauty brands are producing products utilized by women such as blush on, mascara, base etc. All of them are creating quality products. Since, nobody wants to compromise about the quality of their purchased products. These kind of products are assisting them to improve their beauty. For the customer’s demand, these companies also introduced creams, face washes etc. Actually, Beauty products possess a big demand worldwide because of beauty conscious people. However, now check out the Top 10 beauty brands of the world in 2016 here.

Top 10 beauty brands of the world in 2016

10. Shiseido

It is a Japanese brand. It is doing work on hair care & cosmetics. This is one of the beauty brands companies of the world. They are producing sunscreens, foundations, moisturizers and lipstick. Their lipsticks are really famous worldwide because of their quality as well as their distinctive shades. Their products are high-priced not affordable for common man. The brushes provided with their products are not good quality. Their brand worth is about $2.9 billion dollars. Their lipsticks are really good and also having moisturizers.

Shiseido - Top 10 beauty brands of the world


This is an American brand working in New York. Their primary products are cosmetics, perfumes, skin care products etc. In 2013, this brand has largest sale around $10 billion. Their goods are also perfumed. Their goods come in container packing. It’s brand worth about $3.7 billion. It’s products are also popular in Pakistan on big retailers like HKB, Al Fatah etc. Their items are highly-priced but many of them are with regular prices. They are also working for consciousness of breast cancer promotion.


Dove is basically originated from UK but owned by Unilever. It is quite popular beauty brands since their products are on the market in over 80 countries. They produce products for both men and women. They are working for producing hair care, lotions, skincare as well as body washes. Their items are not costly and easily available by common man. Their products are accessible on all common stores, grocery etc. Their soaps and other products are of standard quality. It has a range of products also such as hand washes, conditioners also.

DOVE- Top 10 beauty brands of the world


This is a French brand and it is one of the very expensive beauty brands around the world. L’Oreal purchased this beauty company in 1964 and operating being a luxurious brand. It is producing skin care as well as makeup products. It’s perfumes are accessible in quite high prices. They are also providing self- tanning items which are unique. They produce stunning shades of foundation for all kinds of skin colors. Their company value is around $5.1 billion.

LANCOME - Top 10 beauty brands of the world


It is one of the most renowned beauty brands around the world. It is owned by the German Company. This is primarily involving in shaving creams, facial products and shampoos. Their primary target is top quality products at cost-effective rates to ensure common man can get these. They are also popular for applying perfumes into their products that create them different. NIVEA is also famous having their body lotions. They are marketing their items all over the world.


It is an American beauty brands regarding cosmetics & hair care products. Their goods are available in over 70 countries. In 1994. Johnson & Johnson got this and provided this the name. Their products are totally free of fragrance. Their sunscreens are treated that are more effective in giving better results to the customers. This is an another costly brand. They are also producing products associated with acne problems that are different like other brands are not working on that. It’s brand worth is around $6.2 billion. NEUTROGENA offers some medically examined products for skin treatment that provides good results.

NEUTROGENA - Top 10 beauty brands of the world


This is an United states beauty brands, marketing their products in over 140 countries all over the world. They are producing beauty as well as personal products too. It’s all items come with UVA protection that creates it different. Their products are usually obtainable worldwide; they are never limited of range. It is a good aspect that their products prices are cost-effective by common man. Their lipsticks & lip glosses are renowned all over the world. It’s brand worth is about $7.9 billion.


It is a French company and world’s biggest beauty brands. They are concerned in creating cosmetics, sun protection items, hair colors, perfumes etc. They are also included in dermatological supplements. Their shampoos are excellent and provide great results. Their hair colors have also good reputation. Actually, They never compromise on their product quality. They provide, what they assure. They produce about 1000 beauty items every year having 100 % satisfaction. Loreal has a substantial range of products. It also buys Lancôme that creates luxury products.


This is an another American brand and is owned by Procter & Gamble. They are producing skin helpful items which create good outcomes. They are creating acne products, anti aging creams, face washes and so on. They are praised for the good quality of their products. Because it’s motto says everything which is Challenge what is feasible. But, Their major challenge is they are not interested to create new formulas. Their anti aging product is extremely popular all over the world. Their prices are lower in comparison to other brands in the list. They are marketing their products in over 80 countries. It’s company worth is around $11.8 billion. Their all items are produced totally free of fragrance that is more motivated by customers.

Olay - Top 10 beauty brands of the world

1. MAC

It is an American company and top beauty brands in the world. This is recognized as most trust-worthy beauty brands across the world. It is associated with making lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shades, creams as well as other cosmetics products.MAC - Top 10 beauty brands of the world Their goods are applied by models in various world-wide fashion shows. Specially Their lipsticks are great and renowned worldwide. Certainly one of their own lipstick colors was very popular on earth named bobby brown. They are marketing their products all over the world but it’s primary outlets are in America. It’s cosmetics is generally costly and not simply reasonable by everyone. This company is also a symbol of most costly brand. They’re growing their item range every year and developing with something totally new that makes them unique.

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