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Top 10 most beautiful islands to visit in the world

Top 10 most beautiful islands to visit in the world

There are many islands around the world. It is very hard to tell which one is the most beautiful among them. Islands are nature’s own creation. Every of them have their own beauty.  Today we will show you top ten most beautiful islands in the world in which you can travel for honeymoon and other purposes. Recently, Travel and tourism magazine Conde Nast traveler has listed top ten most beautiful islands with the opinion of it’s readers. The Daily Mail has published about the 10 islands in a report. They are –

Top 10 most beautiful islands in the world

1. The Maldives

Maldives is in the top of the list and is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is the smallest country in Asia. About 1200 small islands are in Maldives. Every year thousands travelers come here to visit the beauty. Clean watery sea, white sand beach, charming blue sky and sea attracts most of the visitors. To spend the holidays and to pass a romantic time with your special one, Maldives is the place of choice. Read More: Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

Maldives island pictures

2. The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands situated in Asian Ocean are in second place for travelers. Excellent weather, Greek greetings, the villages near sea-sore are as beautiful as picture and fast communication systems attracts the foreigners. Ancient European age structures are scattered here and there all over the area. It indicates the richness of the Greek Era.

Greek Islands pictures

3. Sicily Island

Sicily is the biggest island in Mediterranean Sea of Italy. This island has been listed among the most beautiful islands lists for it’s own natural beauty. Bluish water, soft sand sea sore and beautiful weather of the island is most famous. One of the most famous attractions is the Volcano Mount Atna. It is the tallest in Europe and situated about three thousand and three hundred and fifty meter from ground. In the list of choice of travelers it is in number three. Read More: Top 10 attractive natural tourist place in Bangladesh.

Sicily Island pictures

4. The Saint Barts island

Full name the Saint Barthelemy Island, the Saint Barts in short. It is also one of the most beautiful islands around the world. Most costly and rich Saint Barts was once condemned by France which is situated in Caribbean area. The name “Birthelemi” itself is a French name. It is famous for being the spot for Shampein drinking area for famous and rich people. White sand sea beach and cool air refreshes the travelers mind at once.

Saint barts island pictures

5. The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands of Spain is constituted by four islands named – Ebiza, mejorka, menorka and farmentera of West Mediterranean Sea. You can add it to most beautiful islands lists. Every single island has their very own specialty and individual features. Ebiza is famous for night clubs. Quite environment and secrecy are the things you will find here. The stars of Hollywood spend their holidays here. Beautiful sea beach, green trees and many natural wonders make the rest three island more attractive and charming.

Balearic Islands photos

6. The Seychelles

The independent country Seychelles, build of 155 individual islands, is situated in the south west of Africa. There are some places where no men step foot in this island situated in Indian Ocean. Seychelles traveling can give you a thrilling experience from nowhere. Here you can find sky high ancient coconut tree and palm trees. The most amazing new is there are 2 UNESCO certified World Heritage site in the little 177 square miles area.

Seychelles islands pictures

7. The Capri

The Capri is an enriched and light weathered Island. It is situated in the City of Nepoli of Italy. Many world famous writers, artists and intellects are in love with this island. They have described the beauty of this island so purely that anyone can feel the beauty without visiting the place by just reading their writings.

Capri traveling tips

8. The Barbados

You can spend as many time you wish in the whitish sand beach of the island Barbadose. You can also taste the tasty flying fish here. Here you will find many things to buy in the local market. You can also taste various drinks here at the bar.

Barbados island picture

9. The Mauritius

Mauritius is a renowned and is one of the most beautiful islands. The island of Mauritius is perfect for a family tour. It is also attractive to newly married couples as a Honeymoon spot. This island country of Africa has arranged all things for tourist attraction. Quite sea, safe sea beach, attractive motels and many green trees all are there in Mauritius waiting for you. Tourists are here all over the year. See More: Ratargul Swamp Forest A best tourist place in Bangladesh.

Mauritius island underwater waterfall

10. The Malta

The island Malta is historically important for it’s Monument. Comfortable climate, many many entertaining spot and the monuments all over the island created by amazing engineering are the main attraction to the tourists. The monuments are historically important too. These islands hold at least 9 UNESCO certified historical architecture. Veletra, the capital of Malta is the smallest of all countries in European Union. Besides, the Malta is popular for various gardens and churches too.

Malta beach to travel

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