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Airin Sultana - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress

Top 10 Bangladeshi actress at present with biography & photos

Bangladeshi movies changed in several direction and upgraded it’s quality. Now the Bangladeshi film maker release the big budgeted movies than before. For the public demand they keep slim and beautiful actress in their film now. Now the people demand is changed . They want slim , cute and beautiful actress in the film. For this reason the days of bulky and fat actress has gone. Today we made a top ten Bangladeshi actress list in present time. We think it will pleasure you giving the real in information about these top new actress.

Top 10 Bangladeshi actress now:

10) Alisha Praodhan:

Alisha Praodhan - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress
Alisha is a new young model actress in Bangladesh. Her some moves are waiting to release. She is popular face in Bangladeshi modeling. But, she is absent in acting for long times. The fans of this talented Bangladeshi actress are waiting to see their actress on screen again.  She has placed at top tenth position for her beauty and acting performance.

9) Shobnom Bubly:

Shobnom Bubly
She was the news anchor of Private Bangla channel Bangla Vision. She did not play anytime – not on stage, nor in the small screen. But when he stepped into the film, the response was almost all around. In the beginning, unlikely she got a chance against Shakib Khan, in the role of heroine. Now Shobnom Bubly is working in several movies.

8) Airin Sultana:

Airin Sultana - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress
Airin Sultana is a new model actress in Bangladesh. She kept her foot steps in showbiz world strongly. But, now we see that she is irregular in acting. However, For her recently released some movies she placed 8 position. Valobasha zindabad, Cheleti abol tabol, Meyeti pagol pagol are the commercial successful movies by actress Airin.

7) Bidya Sinha Shaha Mim:

Bidya Sinha Shaha Mim - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress

Who aren’t familiar with this BD model and actress? Mim came in one of the top ten Bangladeshi actress for her latest movie ‘ Katatar ‘. In this film she proved her capability in acting. But she is so much popular among the people as a slim and good figure model. For a log time she is a top model in Bangladesh.

6) Afiah Nusrat Barsha:

Afiah Nusrat Barsha - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress
Actress Barsha also a popular name in present Bangladeshi film world. She gave us some successful full movies with her Husband actor Ananto jalil. About all movies directed by Ananta jalil were acted by Barsha. The all movies were big budgeted. In these movies Barsha acted so well and performed good dance.

5) Apu Biswas:

Apu Biswas - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress

Apu Biswas placed the 5th position in this top 10 present Bangladeshi actress. She is in film industry from many years. For having so weight, she was unsuccessful in last several movies. Apu was also absence in media due her pregnancy. But, she has come back again by reducing her weight about 27 KGS. Now, she is slim and good figure women. Now Apu Biswas is ready to won the mind of the people again by her new some movies.

4) Achol:

Achol - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress
Achol is a new generation actress in Bangladeshi film industry. For hitting of her some movies, she established her acting career in Bangladeshi showbiz world. She has a attractive figure and stunning cuteness. For this she is one of the heartthrob actress in Bangladesh.

3) Eamin Haque Bobby:

Eamin Haque Bobby - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress

Bobby is a another hot and beautiful actress in Bangladesh. She is also a talented actress and a best item songs dancer in Bengali film. ‘Dehorokhhi’ is the most successful film by bd actress Bobby. She is the girlfriend of producer and filmmaker Iftekhar Ahmed. For her beautiful figure and terrific performance, she is in the list of top ten popular actress.

2) Pori moni:

Pori moni - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress

Pori moni is the top talk table and new beautiful actress now. She is so much popular among the younger generation. After Nayla nayem , she is considered as the hottest actress in Bangladesh. About 10 new films by Pori moni is waiting to release. Her first acted film was ‘Rana plaza’, but it was not released. Now, Pori moni is working many new films.

1) Mahiya Mahi:

Mahiya Mahi - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress

Mahiya Mahi is the top actress in Bangladeshi film industry. She is so much beautiful and talented actress among the Bangladeshi actress. Now about all movies by Mahiya Mahi are becoming hit and doing commercial success in box office. Poramon, Dobir Shaheber Songser and more successful movies by Mahiya Mahi. A new film named ‘Dhaka Attack’ is coming on screen acted by her.

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