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Smartphone case can print selfie picture!

The day of keeping up selfie picture in phone is now end. Smartphone case will present to you in the form of print picture after taking selfie in a moment. Such type of smartphone case has been opened by a French institution recently. A printer has been added in this case, The company said. Printer will be added with this smartphone via Bluetooth . which will come out in print form in 50 seconds after selfie. See more – some best smartphone in 2016.

Smartphone case can print selfie picture!

This time is being done to bring down 30 seconds,Developers told media. Clement , the CEO of the organization said that the case can now print a picture at a time. But soon it will be increased to thirty copies. From January this year, the company is working on this new project.

This case will be available in market in 2015 and it is expected. Now this case is made for 3 inch screen smartphone. But it will be made for big screen (iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy)later. Smartphone case has been worth 99 dollars (1 dollar equals 78 rupees).

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