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Shakib Khan Pori Moni kiss in Dhumketu Bangla movie

Shakib Khan Pori Moni Bangla movie ‘Dhumketu’ 2016 review

Shakib Khan – Pori Moni Bangla movie Dhumketu is running across the country. The film was released last Friday. The first look of this film run viral in YouTube. Because, Shakib Khan – Pori Moni’s bed scene made it more curiosity among the spectators. Teaser of Bangladeshi movie Dhumketu was released in YouTube before a couple of months ago. But, it has been viewed more than 1.5 lakh times. There was no Bangladeshi film before which was viewed than Dhumketu first look. There is a reason for this success of Shakib Khan – Pori Moni’s film Dhumketu. Because, this film is being discussed from 2014. Shakib Khan and Pori Moni’s kiss scene help it to make viral.

Bangla film Dhumketu is directed by Shafiq Hassan. Besides, Shakib Khan and Pori Moni, Tanha Tasnia is acting in this movie. She is a new comer in acting. Tanha Tasnia will be appeared in an important role in this new Bangla movie. Through, Dhumketu’s first look has been released, but director Shafiq Hassan hasn’t fixed released date yet.

Actress Diti and Ali Raj also worked in this Pori Moni’s new film. Alli Raj has acted as father of Pori moni in this film. Shakib Khan will be seen as a lodging master of Pori Moni’s house. At a time they will fall in love with each other. But, mean time Shakib Khan’s mother will select Tanha Tasnia as his would be wife. The story will be continued with more curiosity and love scene. To know the full story , you should watch this Shakib Khan – Pori Moni’s movie at cinema hall. It seems that this most demanded Pori Moni Bangla movie will be released soon.

Shakib Khan Pori Moni Bangla movie ‘Dhumketu’ photo wallpapers

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