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Poison Ivy - Sexiest comic book girl characters

Top 10 sexiest comic book girl characters of all time

Sexiest, graceful, charming and power belong to the comic book women. They are really awesome and make comic story more attractive. Today we are going to enlist top ten sexiest comic book girl characters of all time. Here we ranked them according their physical appeal and beauty. So, some characters may be bellow ranked who are top according the strength and ability. However, now see, the top ranked comic book girl characters of all time in bellow.

Top 10 Sexiest comic book girl characters

10) Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn- comic book girl

She is the most attractive and sexiest comic book girl in DC comic. There is a unbelievable personality in her character that you can’t avoid. She was appeared as psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzel and become a crazy person layer. She loved with Joker, a another men criminal character. In early version, she was introduced as Lady of fully covered outfit. But later she was appeared as the most sexiest and appealing women in this comic.

9) Black Canary

Black Canary - Sexiest comic book girl characters

It is a another DC comic book girl character introduced in 1947. She wasn’t a superwomen but a an expert in martial arts. She is one of the sexiest female comic book characters of all time. She was introduced in tight black and fully revealing outfit. Blondie hairs, sexiest body figure and killer attitude made her as the best comic book girl character at that time.

8) Psylocke

Psylock- comic book girl

Psylocke is a popular superheroine character in a American comic book associated with ‘X-Men’. She is one of the sexiest female comic book character. Aside her excellent curvy body, she has some super-strengths to defeat her enemies. She has telekinesis and telepathy power which made her as a superheroine. However, for her blonde figure, she placed on of the top ten position in comics ever.

7. Rogue

Rogue comic book girl

She is a another sexiest women book character. At first you may judge him as a negative character. Because she has the ability to show super power or absorb the memories of someone by touching. Despites this side, she is the most sexiest comic book girl of all time. She was introduced as women with full body suit and covering gloves hurting others. Her different looks at different time makes her more appealing.  Previously, we published the list of Top 10 sexiest female anime characters in the world.

6) Mary Jane

Mary Jane Watson - Sexiest comic book girl

She hasn’t any super-strength but a sexiest and most sexiest female anime character. She has the ability to won the hearts of millions of fans of Spiderman around the world. She is a beautiful women with red head and green eyes. Mary jane’s career was introduced with modeling and acting. However. She is a beautiful character in ‘Spider man’ movies with some actions.

5) Wonder Women

Wonder Woman - Sexiest comic book girl

Princess Diana is a warrior of ‘Prince of Amazon’ comic. She is not a superhuman character, but is one of the most sexiest comic book girl ever. Her fighting for peace, justice and love made her as a feminist icon in that comic. Her appealing body figure and confidence can easily win the heart of comic fans. She has a prominent muscled body that helps her to defeat her enemies. ♣ Check more- Top ten most beautiful Hollywood actresses of all time.

4) Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy - Sexiest comic book girl characters

Poison Ivy is a another popular female comic character. Formerly she was a botanist named Pamela Isley. Unfortunately by a wrong toxicological experiment she turned into Poison Ivy with some natural features. She got a mind controlling ability after her transformation. She use her beauty to defeat her enemies. Pamela was more attractive before changing in Poison Ivy. Now she is a women as a plant like creature becoming immunological changes for various toxin and viruses.

3) Vampirella

comic book girl - Vampirella

She is a blood sucking character in a horror comic book. Aside wining the heart of millions comic readers, she killed her enemies with changing her appearance, superpowers and immortality. She has the ability to induce sexual arousal in men. Her voice and stare can easily seduce to men. Her dress and out fit made her more sexiest comic book girl of all time. She deserves the 3rd position on our ‘Top sexiest comic book girl of all time’ list.

2) Emma Frost

Emma Frost

Ema Frost! What a female comic book character! She has unbelievable beauty. She has a tremendous telepathic power which turned her into a superwoman in this comic. This blonde and sexiest white queen made herself as the central attraction in the comic book. With her unbelievable body figure and beauty she is one of the top sexiest comic book girl in the history. There are a few men who wouldn’t attract her beauty and appearance.

1) Catwoman

Catwoman comic book girl

She is the top sexiest comic book girl ever. At first she was the enemy of Batman and a thief. But later she became the part of Batman’s family and fought as a super heroine. She easily placed at top position in this list for her excellent personality. She was appeared in black leather outfit. A Hollywood movie also created based on this comic. We think you can remember ‘The Dark Knight Rises”, the most popular English film.  Hollywood actress Anna Hathaway  appeared as Catwoman and she won Oscar acting in this film.

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