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Sehri and iftar time table android apps

Sehri and iftar time table android apps 2018 Bangladesh

After passing Year, Ramadan came round again. The holly Ramadan 2017 has already started. This year from 28th May, 2017 the Ramadan begun in Bangladesh with peach and dignity. Also Million of Muslim keep this holly Ramadan around the world. It will be very helpful if they have a Sehri & iftar time table android apps. Because, this kind of mobile application remind and help to know the exact Sehri and Iftar time.

Doing Sheri and Iftar in right time during Ramadan has a lot of importance. So when will it start Iftar and end Sheri get to know. Ramadan schedule need not find in the pages of the calendar for the benefit of the smartphone. Detailed information can be found with the help of smartphones in the hands. Check out More: Islamic Foundation Ramadan calendar 2018.

We came here with such an Ramadan android app is “Ramzan 2017”. It will be quite useful for everyone across the whole of Ramadan. Now see the features of Sehri and iftar time table android apps bellow.

Features of this Sehri and iftar time table android apps:

  1. The area has been divided according the times of Sheri and Iftar. As a result, you do not have trouble finding the time to the specified area.
  2. The intention of Roza, introduction of Ramadan, known issues have been highlighted as a reason for breaking Roja.
  3. Time schedule of Sheri and iftar according of Islamic Foundation.
  4. Alarm Option has been included.
  5. Sehrir Niot and Dua of Iftar.
  6. It has also added Bangla namaz shikha.
  7. Details of Tarabhir Namaz.
  8. Once downloaded the app, no internet connection is not necessary.

Now, we need a good Sehri and iftar time table android apps to pass this Holy Ramadan 2017. We think this Sehri and iftar time table mobile application will be a great ramadan android apps for you.

This will work offline completely. So, you needn’t to connect any internet connection. This is a good feature of this app for you. The application can be downloaded free from this download link.

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