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How to see your facebook relationship status

How to see someone’s facebook relationship status

Checking relationship status of others is common matter from a Facebook users. We check someone facebook relationship status if he/she is single, married or dating. Specially it is common to a Facebook user who want to get a new relationship via Facebook. You can check someone’s relationship status by many ways. You can check it by asking someone using ‘Ask’ option, a newly introduced facebook feature. Dear friends, Today we will show you how to check someone’s facebook relationship status easily. Now follow the bellow steps-

Way to see someone’s facebook relationship status

If you want to know someone’s facebook relationship status, you must login to your facebook account. If you haven’t yet it, you must have. Because without a facebook account, you can’t check anyone’s relationship status. You must be a facebook registered user. So, create a facebook account and login to your account. Then follow the bellow steps.

1)  Search the user whose relationship status you want to check. Input your desired Facebook user profile name into ‘Search’ box first. Some relative suggestions will be appeared. Now select the user and browse the profile page .

How to see someone's facebook relationship status

2) You have to visit the profile page if you want to check someone’s facebook relationship status. Even the user is your facebook friend or not. You must browse the profile page.

How to see your facebook relationship status

3) After entered the user’s profile, you have to check his/ her ‘About’ section. But you can see the information in “About” section according to the facebook ‘Preferences and Privacy’ setting of that aacount.

  • Now click on “About” button just after the “Timeline” tab of the profile page of that user.
  • On “About” page, you can see different option enlisted on the left side bar. You can see “Family and Relationships” option on the left side bar. Now click on it. You can see if he/she is “Single” or Double.
  • In relationship status, you may find Engaged, Married, In an open relationship, It’s complicated etc status.

You can’t find ‘Family and Relationships’ option in someone’s profile page according their ‘Preferences and Privacy’ setting. At this stage a only way is open for you to see someone’s facebook relationship status. You have to use facebook ‘Ask’ feature.

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