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How to secure mobile banking account - Best security tips

How to secure mobile banking account – Best security tips

Mobile Banking has received a lot of popularity as money can be sent and transferred easily. Transactions increase to send money to relatives before Eid season. But the money can fall in a bad hand if transaction does not have a bit of caution through this. However, today we are here to describe how to secure mobile banking account. We think it will help you to secure your mobile banking account

Mobile banking is also known as M-banking or SMS banking. There are many important banking services in this system on mobile phones. For this, the customer does not have to go to any bank. In 1999, European banks introduced the such service first. There are 4 banks in Bangladesh came with the service first. The banks are – 1) BRAC Bank (bKash), 2) Dutch Bangla Bank (Rocket), 3) Trust Bank, 4) Mercantile Bank. Apart from this, 8 more banks are also running the same service. 5 mobile companies Teletalk, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi and Airtel are working as a cooperative in this mobile banking service.

New subscriber are being registered daily in the service of BRAC Bank bKash mobile banking service, DBBL Mobile Banking or Rocket of Dutch Bangla Bank, Mkash of Islami Bank etc.

In spite of easy transactions, many of us fall in trouble because of unaware about mobile banking. Being cheated too. So should be aware. Here are some important tips to secure mobile banking.

How to secure mobile banking account

Keep the pin number secret: Keep the PIN number of the mobile banking account secret all the time. Remember, if anyone knows the PIN number, he can withdraw money from your mobile. As a result, you will face financial losses.

Use Different PINs: There are many mobile banking accounts, such as- bKash, DBBL, MyKash etc. Set different PINs for each account. In this technique, if one knows one pin number, but the remaining IDs will be safe.

Fake customer care: To make fraud, some cycles call the users in the name of the customer care and ask their pin number. Your PIN number should be known only by you. Never ask your PIN number from the bank’s customer care. So, keep this knowledge in mind and it will help you to secure mobile banking.

If anyone want to know the pin number of your mobile banking account by fake identification of customer care, be cautious. Instead of telling the pin number, call the concerned banking services helpline.

Take care of the lottery prizes: Sometimes you are called from unknown number that you have gotten 10 lakhs as prizes. To get this money you send thousands taka to such a number.

Many people sent money to those unknown mobile phones. It is not good to be tempted. So beware of these snares. Never believe in such a phone call to secure mobile banking .

Use registered SIM card: You should use registered SIM when opening a mobile banking account. Sometimes the SIM card may be lost. If your SIM papers are not correct then you will not be able to withdraw the SIM again. See More: How to recharge mobile by DBBL and bKash account.

As a result, the money in your account can not be withdrawn. So use registered SIM to open mobile banking.

Remember transaction history: It is often necessary to know about transaction information in an emergency case. For example, if subscribers call for any problem to the customer care, they may want to know about the balance and latest transactions. Apart from this, software-related complications may be many times. So always remember the transaction history of your mobile banking account.

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