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Salman Shah biography, photos, wife, movies & songs

Actor Salman Shah biography, HD photos, wife & movie list

Salman Shah is the greatest and ever green actor in the Bangladeshi Cinema during ninety decade. For excellent beauty, own style and handsome figure he was a heartthrob actor in Bangladesh. His real name is Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. But after coming in film world he was known as Salman Shah.

Salman Shah was born on 19 September, 1971 in Sylhet, Bangladesh. His acting career was only four years, but in this short time he was able to take the mind of people. Salman Saha entered in films world with Sohanur Rahaman Sohan’s movie ‘ Keyamot theke Keyamot’. He became popular by his first movie. After he need not to see back. Later he gave us many successful movie.

Before acting Salman Shah worked in several Bangla Natok ( Bengali Drama) and commercial advertisement. It was said that at last of 1980 decade, Hanif Sanket made Salman Shah to act in a music video for his magazine program ‘Kothar Kotha’. In that music video he worked as a model. That music video got popularity among the people. But they forgot him as her irregular appearance in media.

At last, Salman began acting and won the mind of people again. The number of total films acting by Salman Shaha is 27. He acted with Shabnur in 14 films. Salman Shah and Shabnur is the most successful pair in the history of Bengali film. He also acted with actress Moushumi. The last movie by Salman Shah was ‘Boker Vitor Agun’.

We said before that Salman worked in many advertisement and Bengali Drama. His notable single episode TV dramas are Akash choya, Doyel, Sob paki Ghore fire, Soikote Saros, Noyon, Swapner Prithibi and more. He also acted in TV serial. Pathor somoy and Itikotha are the serial dramas. She worked in Milk vita,Gold star tea, Jagurar cades, Coca cola, Funta and more.

Salman Shah Bangladeshi actor photo wallpaper:

After entering in film industry, he married Samira Huq. But suddenly he suicide himself on 6 September, 1996 only at 25 aged. If it was a suicide or a murder that is secret even until now. Someone also accused to his wife Samira Huq directly. This suspected become widely when Salman shah’s wife Samira Huq married with a another person after her death.

After the incident, Salman’s father filed an obituary case. Salman’s family has been claiming from the beginning that it was a murder. It’s going to be 21 years. But it is not clear whether he was killed or not, he committed suicide.

On the other hand, a video released recently by a woman named Rabeya Sultana Ruby on YouTube about late filmmaker Salman Shah. She has claimed that Salman shah didn’t suicide himself, he was murdered. Ruby was the neighbor of Salman and his wife Samira was close to her. Ruby’s name comes as a link to the murder. She was also eight in the list of the accused on charges of murder in the court. This video is now viral in social media.

However, it is a good news that Bangladeshi special force Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has opened this case already again and they are investigating now. We all want to open the real history of this unacceptable death. Salman  was so much popular that after her death some of his fans suicide not to accept his earlier death.

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