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Resorts list in Bangladesh with contact information

Resorts list in Bangladesh with contact information & Addresses

After ending the day, The Eid-ul-Fitar will be celebrated with enjoy and happiness. It is the great time to pass the holidays with family and friends. Sometimes the Residents of the capital need to away from the busiest environment for the leisure, recreation, picnics, conferences, seminars or workshops. Aiming to meet the needs of these customers, many resorts with various types of facilities are developed across the country. Today, we show you some top resorts list in Bangladesh.

You must find numerous resorts and recreational places in where you can pass your holidays with joys. These are Jamuna Resort (Tangail), Jastat holiday Resort (Sylhet), Padma Resort (Mymensingh), Pebal Stone Resort (Inani), Arunima countryside and Golf Resort (Noraile), Al-Jessore Resort, Foy’s Lake Resort (Chittagong), Meghna Village, Royal Resort (Tangail), Elenga Resort (Tangail), Mojjaphar Garden and Resort (Satkhira), Coral View Resort (St. Martin) and Najimagar Resort (Sylhet).

Some of the Resorts list in Bangladesh:

• Abokash Porjoton Ltd Resort: www.abakashparjatan.com
• Arunima: http://www.arunimaresort.com
• Elenga Resort: http://www.elengaresort.com/
• Naksatrabari: www.nokkhottrobari.com.bd
• Najimagar Resort: www.nazimgarh.com
• Padma Resort: www.padmaresort.net
• Pakshi Resort (Ishwardi, Pabna): www.pakshiresort.net
• Foy’s Lake Resort: www.fantasy-kingdom.net.bd
• Mermaid Eco Resort: www.mermaidecoresort.com
• Jamuna Resort: www.jamunaresortbd.com
• Hill Side Resort: www.guidetoursbd.com
• Coral View Resort www.coralviewresortbd.com

So, let’s travel and enjoy the beauty attractive tourist place of our beautiful country. The persons among us who haven’t enjoyed many beautiful attractions in the country, They can get out the room and can celebrate the great moment.

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