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Ratargul Swamp Forest A best tourist place in Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp Forest – A best tourist place in Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp Forest, A beautiful tourist place in Bangladesh! Ratargul Swamp Forest is an amazing tourist attractions in Bangladesh. With the starting of winter Ratargul haunt with migratory birds. Flowing the lake through the woods, the bird’s underwater game are really amazing. There are also many species of wildlife. On the south side of the forest is covered with a green blanket. After it there are Jarul, Hijal,Korcha and their high head protect the sunlight.

The only recognized swamp forest Ratargul is located in Sylhet. It’s one of the best tourist place in Sylhet of Bangladesh. There are Goyain river in north and a large haor in South of Sylhet district. The Ratargul Swamp Forest is in the middle location. This swamp forest is located at border area of Fatehpur Union of Sylhet district. This is about 26 kilometers far away from the Sylhet City. Plants in this forest are under water mostly four to seven months of the year .

Ratargul Swamp Forest A best tourist place in Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp Forest, A amazing tourist place in Bangladesh!

The forest area is 325.61 acres. 504 acres of forest areas were declared as a wild animal sanctuary in 1973. Although, it is a natural forest, but forest division plants various type of trees those can live under water. There are about 25 species of water plants in the forest. Birds are white egret, heron edge, kingfisher, Tia, Bulbuli, diver, dhupi, dove, hawk and more. Sometimes big vultures comes in the winter. In the dry season, when you enter the forest with a little boat, the birds make you a way flying. The scene is really rare!

Ratargul Swamp Forest is different from the other forest of the country. A row of trees. But the trees are involved to some extent under the water. Korchoi are more than other trees. There are hundreds of hundreds Hijal fruit are showed. Bot trees be seen occasionally, Murta plants are low. However, a large part of this swamp forest are planted with murta plants commercially by the forest department. ‘Sitol pati’, a type of sack is made by these Murta plants. There are more murta palnts opposite side of the river.

The python snake, guisap, cobra, jaldhura and many poisonous species snake are here. These snakes are lined up the forest tree during the rainy season when the ground covered under water. Fish hunter tigers, squirrels, monkeys, bhodara, cougar, weasel, jackals and many wildlife species are seen here. Tengra, khalisa, ritha, pabada, Maya, aira, kalabausa, rui and more species fishes also find here. During the dry season, when the water is low, a lot of small fish can jump up your boat.

Ratargul Swamp Forest amazing tourist place in Bangladesh

There are the transparent underwater forests, as many tourists travel here during the rainy season. In winter season, the forest appears the contrary. With the decreased of water murta plants arouse. Then it looks different! Forest is drowning of four to seven months of the year. After monsoon it looks another. Then the small drain turn into foot way. You can easily walk to move through that way. Now make a plan to visit this Ratargul Swamp Forest. As a bonus, you find a pretty amazing way to enter Ratargul through Goyain rivers, especially in rainy season. Besides sighting of the rever view, you can also see the high heads of the Indian mountains.

How will you go Ratargul Swamp Forest?

There are several ways to go Ratargul Swamp Forest. However, you need to go from Sylhet. You pick up via Sylhet – Japhlang route bus service and go down at Sarighat. From here on a little vehicles, you have to Gowainghat market. Besides the market there are boat quay. You have to reserve a boat for the journey to Ratargul Swamp Forest from here. Remember, by this boat you can not go into the forest. You have to go into the forest by a little boat.

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