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Pohela falgun photo pictures, quotes and wallpapers featured image

Pohela falgun photo pictures, quotes and wallpapers 2018

Pohela falgun photo pictures, quotes and wallpapers 2018. Pohela falgun is the the first day of the Bengali month ‘Falgun’ according the Bengali calendar. As the Gregorian Calendar it is the 13th February. Pohela falgun is celebrated in not only Bangladesh but also in west Bengal and some part in India. It is a great day for the lovers as well as the all people. The nature appears as a beautiful haven.

Today is the first day of Falgun. Another spring arrival in life. When the spring comes or with the color! What is it? Yes, the color of the spring spreads in the mind of everyone. So Bdprimeit has brought you the Pohela falgun wallpapers to publish your Facebook timeline, all the awesome wallpapers of the Falgun is here.

Pohela falgun is the happiest day for the the nature lovers. Because, from this day, the nature starts to decorate herself in a stunning way. Then the Bengali’s mind dance with joy. They celebrate Pohela falgun with natural beauty.

Pohela falgun is also known as the Spring Festival. Girls wear dress matching with the nature appearance. The students of Dhaka University as well as other institutions celebrate this grate day of Bengali year. Pohela falgun 2018 is knocking at the door. The people is waiting to celebrate it.

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Falgun (Spring) is one of them. We said before that Pohela falgun  is the first day of the Bengali month of Falgun. In this day, the all Bengali people pass their beautiful moments with live concert, music, dance, fine arts exhibition and more.

Dear friend , Today we have collected some exclusive Pohela falgun photo pictures those you can download free from here. All photos are HD quality, to see the full size, open all images in new tab. Now enjoy some special Pohela falgun photo here. ♣ See More⇒Bangla Noboborsho Pohela Boishakh picture and wallpapers.

Pohela falgun photo pictures :

The 1st day of Bengali month of Falgun is a great day for all nature lovers. Because, after ending the winter, the nature is getting back it’s own appearance. Flowers with green leafs is really charming to us.

After celebrating the Pohela falgun, the Happy valentines day will be celebrated on 14 February. So, We wish to all to have the better moments in this great month. Stay with us and get more your favorite contents.

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