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Photography tips to take good pictures with a cell phone

Photography tips to take good pictures with a cell phone

Today the stronger camera unit are using in smartphone that increase the capturing ability of the pictures. Currently, many people buy smartphone instead of point and shoot cameras for taking pictures. It also help to speak. There are some flagship control device where the manual control system has been added. Where you can change shutter speed, ISO, white balance etc like semi-DSLR or a DSLR camera. You can see more than half of the pictures are taken with the smartphone camera in social media! For this reason you have to understand that now smartphone’s camera to take pictures dominate in capturing pictures. And so today I came up with some photography tips to take good pictures with a cell phone. I hope it will work. So let’s start by not wasting time.

Photography tips to take good pictures

1) Angle of the picture

Most of the time we take pictures at our eye level. Eye level refers to the level that we see with our eyes or our eyes see the view from which height. We are accustomed to see the picture at our eye level from our childhood. We arranged our environment, nature according this eye level.  As a result, we see all as a common view from the normal eye level. But, if you take the picture from the different angle rather than eye level ,then the view will be a bit different to your own. It will be interesting. For example, if you’re sit in a green field. A cow eating grass in the field. Now the cow  will be seen as usual at standing that you’ve seen before.  But if you take the pictures of the cow with kneenig on grass, then your capturing view will be different. So try to change the angle to take the pictures with cell phone. It is a great photography tips to take good pictures with a phone. Read More : How to clean computer from dust perfect way.

2) Shutter speed

It is a another good photography tips for you to take good pictures by your phone. Many people do not bother too much with the shutter speed. Even most of the common user may not know about this term. But it is interesting that you can bring changed in your pictures dramatically by changing shutter speed. You’ve seen the pictures on the Internet that the birds were flying or running tigers? But do you think how to take so clear still pictures of the birds or tigers during their movement? These pictures have been taken from the high shutter speed. Again, you see the picture of the car trails lights at night? This photos are possible due to the low shutter speed. So use shutter speed perfectly to take good pictures with your mobile phone.

Shutter speed to take good pictures with a cell phone

3) Rule of the Third

The photographers are using it for the excellent compositions. It is said that using the Third Rule of photographs is often perfect. It is one of the best Photography tips to take a good pictures with your cell phone.You can apply Third Rule easily in your phone to take good pictures. It will take a lot of time to describe it. You can watch a great video about on it from YouTube bellow.

4) Know about  ISO

The ISO term is related to light. The more you use ISO, the more light will be added to your sensor to capture the pictures. However, light due to high ISO make associate noise in the photographs. As a result, you should change in any other main terms during taking pictures. Anyway, now you can check your phone’s settings.ISO Auto mode is default in cell phone generally.

5) Panorama

You have been to such a place where you want to make several places in a frame by capturing?  For this purposes photographers use wide lens on their camera. But even if you do this using the panorama mode. We can not use wide lens in our mobile. But we can use panorama mode very easily to take good pictures .

6) HDR

HDR is ‘High Dynamic Range’, which will add a new dimension to your pictures.  By HDR, it takes several exposure photos and later it join them with the software. Manually it is created a final output with all the different parts of the picture that is much more dynamic range than usual. This feature is present in almost all mobile phone.

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