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Top 10 Personal questions to ask a boy

Top 10 Personal questions to ask a boy

Asking question is a good way to know about a unknown person. Before going a relationship it is very important to understand the person with whom you want to make relationship. If you don’t care about this, you may be a sufferer later. So before going a dating with a guy, understand him. Know details about his character, habit, lifestyle and so more. Check out top 10 personal questions to ask a boy here. We think that these will help you to bring out the true characters of any guy.

Top 10 Personal questions to ask a boy

1) What is the most embarrassing situation you faced?

Though it is a simple question asking a boy, but it has a great value to judge him. How he will answer determines the character of him. If he hesitates to share his uncomfortable story to you, then mind that he is a closed character or doesn’t believe you. Again if he is comfortable to you to disclose his secret story, then he believes you or is a silly character.

2) What will you do if your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together suddenly?

Sometimes, good relationship ends in a bitter experience that you never faced. After asking this question If the boy answer you that he will also get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Then you should think about this new relationship. Again If he won’t want to get her again, then you can think that he finished his old relationship. He want to get someone and make a new relationship.

Personal questions to ask a boy

3) What is your dream tattoo?

The people who have tattoos range from teen to adult, they draw their tattoos what they like with inked onto their body. So, you can ask this question to know in which he is interested. If he likes cartoon character, he is a silly character man you should think. You can check also Exclusive Bangla love SMS collection of all time in our earlier post.

4) How many girls have you been with?

There are many personal questions to ask a boy to know his details. Among them this is a simple but very helpful question to justify a guy. When you will ask this question, you should be aware about this. Generally, Boys lie about this situation. Who were not serious in relationship, they answer you low number in this case. Again if anyone answer high number of relationship, it means that man is an actor.

5) What makes you more angry?

Most of us get angry at someone or something suddenly. You may think that this is not a useful personal question to ask a boy. But it is really a great one. If a little matter makes him angry easily, then he is not a good man really to make a new relationship. Again understanding about this matter help you to pass time later with this guy.

6) What’s the question you refuse answer absolutely?

There are many question we don’t like to answer. Even we don’t like to talk about that. So, ask this and know what’s questions not like by your future partner. Just remember that and don’t ask him in future.

7) Are you a Virgin?

It will not be a gentle questions to ask a boy if you ask this at earlier of yours discussion. But, it is important for you to pass life with this guy. Ask this question at last stage of your discussion. If you avoid about it, you may face problem in future life when you will get together.

8) Are you a financially stable man?

Financially stability of your boyfriend is an important thing to get a relationship with him. By asking this, you don’t ask him about his money. Just You are trying to find out another important issue of him. Many of us getting relationship to reach their goal with the help of their wives. Actually they are not a good man and you should avoid from these guys.

10 Personal questions to ask a boy

9) What’s the meaning of love from you?

Sometimes, we see that a simple question creates more problem to answer. Everyone has a own distinct answer for this question. It is a very important question to know what kind of person he is. We don’t accept the question just like- ‘I don’t believe in love’. ♣ Check also- Sexiest comic book girl character of all time.

10) How did your last relationship worked out?

It is the top personal questions to ask a boy. If the guy ended his old relationship for a little reason, then he may take same decision about you. So, starting a new relationship understand your partner at first and know his past relationship. You may see that he is extremely jealous and rule man that get his girlfriend away. He might be also a victim of a cheater.

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