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How to open bkash account, send money & cash out

How to open bkash account, send money & cash out on mobile

We’ve all heard the name of the bKash mobile banking. It is a mobile banking service provider. Although many other banks in Bangladesh provide similar services, bKash is at the top of popularity for various reasons in this sector. Most people who currently use mobile phones have a bKash account. I will discuss the advantages of this account, how to open bkash account, how to make a payment, how to check the account and how to send money.

There is a complaint that the services of Hundi are being distributed through mobile banking, especially bKash, as well as the services being used for money laundering. After the observations, the Bangladesh Bank is more strict with mobile banking services.

According to the new guidelines of the central bank, A bKash account holder will be able to cash out maximum of Tk 10,000 per day from his bKash account and up to Tk 50,000 per month (collectively by agent and ATM).

What’s the benefit of having a bkash account?

Bikash is now a popular service of Bangladesh. Below is a list of the benefits that you get through this

  1. You can send money anywhere in Bangladesh within seconds.
  2. You can also buy and sell in different areas of the country including Dhaka. We know this is currently available at Aarong. However, if you have a store, you can also register and get payment from your customers through bKash service.
  3. Again some online shopping sites currently supports bKash. So you can shop online by a bkash account.
  4. Send or receive money to any person through your account.
  5. Payment of different bills.
  6. You can also recharge your mobile balance by bkash.
  7. Ever withdraw money from thousands of agents across the country.

How to open bkash account?

To open a bKash account, you have to go to the nearest bKash agent shop with the following items.

  1. A mobile with connection to Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink or Airtel.
  2. 2 copies of passport size recent photographs.
  3. Your national identity card or driving license or passport

How to make a payment with bKash?

The website or service provider will instruct you the payment method. For this you just have to follow that process. However, a demo payment is given below. But some providers ask to send or transfer money to their account. In that case, see the “How to send money” section.

  1. Dial * 247 #
  2. Chose Payment and Press 3
  3. Enter the corresponding service provider number
  4. Give the amount
  5. If the service provider gives you a reference number, give that or choose as yourself like – 12345.
  6. Press counter number. Generally 0 or 1 is. Your provider will tell it.
  7. Press your PIN number or secret number.
  8. Get a confirmation message now.

How to check bKash balance?

It is very easy to check the current balance of your bKash account. Follow the steps below to check the account –

  1. Dial * 247 #
  2. Select ‘My bKash’ and enter 6
  3. Then Press 1
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Now you can see your account balance.

How to Send Money bKash to bKash account?

Sending money to bKash is a very straightforward task. For this you need to follow the following procedure –

  1. Dial * 247 #
  2. Press 1 (Send Money)
  3. Enter the personal bKash account number
  4. Give the amount of money
  5. Give the reference number. If you do not understand what will give your name.
  6. Give your secret pin number

How you will cash out from bkash account?

To withdraw your bKash account, go to the bKash Agent. After, inform him about how much money you want to cash out. Then the bKash Agent will give you their agent account number. Now you have to send money to that number. You need to send money entering your security PIN.

  1. If you dial * 247 # from your mobile to send money to the agent then the bKash menu will arrive.
  2. Then select the ‘Cash Out’ option.
  3. After, select ‘From Agent’ and enter the agent’s account number.
  4. Give your PIN and you will get the confirmation message.

Then you will get your money from the agent. If you can not do these things, then the bKash agent will help you. There is no problem. But do not tell or show your pin number.

If you want to know more, please call bKash customer care number 16247. You can contact with customer care service provider through this number in anytime.

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