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2 new Facebook features which provide more security

2 new Facebook features which provide more security

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. There are no social site running with the Facebook. Everyday the Facebook users are increasing. With increasing the users, the Facebook security are also developing. Mark Zukarburg is giving his attention to develop the Facebook more user friendly. Now Facebook authority gives so more importance to insure the users security. Recently they introduced two new Facebook features to ensure more security for the Facebook users. Dear friends, today we are in-front to you to describe these 2 new Facebook features which are given bellow.

Two new Facebook features

1) Search Data Deleting  :

Facebook storage the all data’s such as search data. When you search anything in Facebook or visit to anyone profile, Facebook keep the all data’s stored. 2 new Facebook features which provide more securityIf you want to delete the all database, you can use ‘Search Data Delete’ option. To do this , Go to your profile page then find out the ‘Activity Log‘ . Then visit ‘More‘. There you can find Search> Clear Searches . Click on Clear Searches option. Your all stored database will be deleted.

2) Removing Facebook location data :

There are a features in facebook which store your location data. New Facebook features ‘Nearby Friends’ keeps your present and past location databases stored and shares it with your friends. If you want to delete this Facebook location data from your Facebook account, you can do this. For doing this, you have to go to your own timeline and find out the ‘Activity log‘ option. Then go to More> Location History. Then Click on ‘Clear Location History‘ to remove your Location data.

The above two features are so more important new facebook features which give you a extra protection in Facebook. These will prevent the bad usages if your Facebook account hacked. This new facebook features keep you as a fresh and clean user in Facebook alltime.

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