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How to make photos private on Facebook

How to make photos private on Facebook (with pictures)

Many people are suffering from a problem recently on Facebook. Copying pictures from Facebook profiles and opening a new account is a big problem for the Facebook users now. Specially women have faced a lot in this problem. So, it is time to require the profile picture security of the account. You can keep your picture safe if you want. No one can copy it. To do this, you need to make photos private on Facebook.

We see that there are numerous fake Facebook accounts in which the fake profile pictures are being used. Specially, those type of profile images are stolen from other real Facebook user’s account without any permission. As a result, the real users are facing problem for using their profile pictures in the fake ID.

Today, we are here to show how to make photos private on Facebook. By this process you can protect pictures from being copied. It is the easiest technique to protect your Facebook uploaded pictures falling in bad hand. Here is the steps to make photos private on Facebook.

How to make photos private on Facebook

    1. That’s why you have to login to your Facebook account first. Then enter your ‘Photo Album’.

make Facebook photos private

  1. You will then need to click ‘Profile Photo Album’. From there you will choose which image you want to make private. Just click on it and select ‘Only me’ from its privacy option.
  2. If this action is done, then the profile image will be displayed, but it will not work if clicked. As a result, your Facebook profile pictures will remain safe.

If you want to allow to see only friends, you can do that. Even the profile picture can allow to make bigger from the privacy option. If you want, you can hide your images from friends by going to this option. None other than you can see.

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