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Make blogger post seo friendly

Make a seo friendly blog post with best ideas

SEO ( Search engine optimization) is a important matter for any website. You know that the site visitors is depended on seo. If you have no visitors , your site has no value. Again you can not good earn by Google adsense if you have no the more visitors. Some seo tips will increase your site visitors easily. Today we will show you how to create a seo friendly blog post in blogger or blogspot.

How to make a seo friendly blog post?

Make a seo friendly post title :

The best seo of a post is most depended on it’s title. To get a good seo friendly blog post title you can get help from Google search. Example- you want to write a post about AdSense . So you should search it in Google and you will see the some suggestion in your result page to search on AdSense. You will get phrase keywords there. Get idea from these suggestions for your post title. You should keep the selected phrase keywords in your title. In your title the main keyword must be presented. The keyword should not in a single word, it will be a phrase. Your post title will be short or a acceptable length. Because long post title has a bad effect for better seo of a post.

Make a seo friendly blog post with best ideas

Create seo friendly post body:

Body of your post is also a important part for making seo for your site. Because it has the main content of the post. Your selected keyword density in your post body is a important matter for better seo. So during writing a post, you should keep in mind to build a perfect keyword density. But, you should not do keyword staffing. Doing Keyword staffing causes ruin your blogging career. So you should Keep your keyword density within 4% according your post size.

Perfect use of heading tag ( H1,H2, H3…):

For make a seo friendly post, you should maintain your heading tag properly. Your post title should be in H1 tag. But we see in default blogger templates the post title is in h2 tag. It is very bad for better seo. You can set your post title tag in h1 by editing the template. Again when you insert something as a heading in blogger post, it will be in h2 tag. So, you can use it as a real subheadings. Besides, use subheading from blogger post dashboard as h3 tag. By this way organize a perfect heading tag sequence ( h1,h2, h3, h4….) for a best seo friendly post. Don’t forget to keep the main keyword in these headings.

Input meta tag in every post:

Every new blogger face a problem to add meta tag in blog post. They have a false idea that this meta tag has to add in blogger template. You can add your post meta tag for every post easily. You can see a box named ‘Search description ‘ in right side of the new post dashboard. [You can not find this box if you haven’t set the meta tags description in Blogger dashboard setting option. To set this go Setting > Search Performance > Meta Tags > Description. Here input your site short description with important keywords.] However in ‘Search description’ box in posting dashboard you should input your post meta tag. By modifying post title, you can get a better mata tag . just keep your main keyword there. But the meta tag should within 160 characters (example: 2 lines).

Customization of permalink :

In automatic setting the post permalink doesn’t set perfectly. Even the main keyword can be missed. For this reason you should edit your post link for better seo. You find the editing option at right side of the posting dashboard. Separate every word by hyphen (-) to edit permalink.
Now start to create a seo friendly blog post and place your site at top rank.

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