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Lux-Channel i superstar winners of all time with photos & wiki

Every year “The beauty contest” is held in the world for the beautiful women. A different type of beauty contest is held in Bangladesh. Among them “Lux-Channel I Superstar” competition is the most popular. The competition is held by a joint effort of Channel i and Unilever Bangladesh Limited . This competition was launched from 2005.

In 2011, it was not held. Like other beauty contest of the world, the winner of this competition are selected not only in terms of outward beauty. As well as other dominant quality is considered here. Who get the crown of this competition, she get a international scholarship to study in acting for higher education and receives the award as well as a brand new car. She also get a opportunity to act in a new film. There are also the award for five runner up.

The initial stage of the competition is started from the divisions. The second stage of the competition is held in Dhaka with the ‘Yes card’ holder . At the final stage of the competition, 10 competitors are selected for the final selection. Sanarai Debi Sanu was the first crown winner for the first time in 2005. That was the first competition.

In 2006 Zakia Bari Momo, In 2007 Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, In 2008 Chaity, In 2009 Mehjabien and in 2010 Mahbuba Islam Rakhi was the crown winner. In 2012 most beautiful women, Samia Saeed won the crown.

Lux-Channel i superstar winners:

Shanarei Devi Shanu (2005)

Shanarei Devi Shanu - Lux-Channel i superstar winners

Sanarai Debi Sanu was the first winner of Lux-Channel I Super competition in 2005. Shanu came from Sylhet. She is a ethnic Monipuri girl. On 7 December, 2009, Sanu married with her 5 years old boyfriend, Santunu Biswas. Shanu’s husband serves as a Executive Director of a real estate company. They have also a three years old son.

However, as a result of the marriage with a Bengali men, her family broke any relation with  her and gave away her. Because in Manipuri society, It does not support to be married with any Bengali . Among themselves to be married. Sanu has acted in many plays such as Korta kahini, Buke tar chondoner ghran, sangsar sukher hoy bedonar gune, Election Election etc. Sanu is passing a busy time in media now.

Zakia Bari Momo (2006)

Zakia Bari Momo-Lux-Channel i superstar winners

At first, Lux Chanel i superstar Zakia Bari momo had a dream to became an architecture, later a pilot. But after she changed her mind and wanted to be a celebrity. As a result, in 2006, she won the crown of Lux-Channel I Superstar competition. As a Lux-Channel I Superstar winner, she debut acting through ‘Daruchini Dip’ film. By that film she got The first National Film Award and came in talk about. She is come from Brahmanbaria . Zakia Bari momo spent her childhood there. She was married with playright, Ejaz Munna. They have a son named Udvas.

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim(2007)

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim - Lux-Channel i superstar winners

After winning the Lux-Channel I Superstar competition 2007 crown, Bidya Sinha Saha Mim won the best actress award by acting in  Humayun Ahmed’s film ‘Amar Ache Jol‘. She was also nominated for best actress in 2009. Mim came from Rajshahi, but she grew up in Bhola. Her father Birendero Nath Saha is the Head of the Department of Social Welfare in Comilla Victoria College and her mother is a housewife . She came in Lux-Channel I Superstar competition by inspiration of her father and mother. Mim has a younger sister named Progga Sinha Saha Momi.

Ishrat Jahan Chaity (2008)

Ishrat Jahan Chaity - Lux-Channel i superstar winners

Gazipur girl Ishrat Jahan Chaity was the winner of Lux-Channel I Superstar award in 2008. Music was a hobby of her. She sang Nazrul songs. After becoming star her life has changed. However, like others, she did not leave the ancestral home Gazipur to become permanent people of Dhaka. Now she is studying in fashion design in Santa-Marium University. She gave voice in two songs in a mixed album.

However, She is not seen herself at all in media. Chaity acted in a film named ‘Modhumoti’ directed by Shahjahan Chowdhury. Her acted dramas are ‘Jibon Sangser’, ‘Opposition’ and ‘Kha O’ etc. In May, 2013 Chaity married with a businessman.

Mehazabien Chowdhury (2009)

Mehazabien Chowdhury - Lux-Channel i superstar winners

Before learning talk after birth, Mehjabin Chowdhury left the country with her father to The United Arab Emirates. There she passed her childhood. Walking, singing, talking and all learned from desert country, Oman. Nobody in the family was not involved with the world of culture. However, all love culture. She was the regular model in Times of Oman . As well as studding , she continued her modeling. It was life. It’s been 16 years. She then came back in own country in 2007.

In 2009. she won the Lux-Channel i superstar award . After working in advertising, drama, she became the popular face among the audience. After, wining Lux Channel I Superstar award, Mehjabin Chowdhury’s first drama was `Tumi Thako Singapure’. Later she acted in many dramas like ‘Majhe Majhe Tabo Dekha Pai’, ‘Call Center’, ‘Maye Sudhu Tomar Jonno’,’ Ajo valobashi mone mone’, ‘Haso unlimited’ etc.

Mahbuba Islam Rakhi (2010)

Mahbuba Islam Rakhi - Lux-Channel i superstar winners

Mahbuba Islam Rakhi became the winner of the crown in Lux-Channel I Superstar 2010. She is a model and actress. She is the youngest of two brothers and two sisters. She was born on 4 July, 1993 in Dhaka. She have passed A level from a private institute under the British Council . From an early age , she had tend to put on herself in modeling and acting.

Samia Sayeed (2012)

Samia Sayeed - Lux-Channel i superstar winners

In 2012 leaving behind of all competitors , the girls of Comilla Samia Sayeed won the crown of  Lux-Channel I Superstar competition. Samia started her acting with the drama ‘Increment’ directed by Alvi Ahmed. Samia Sayeedis is now a second year student of economics at the North South University. Samia has acted in dramas like “Keo Keo Mrito Jonaki ‘,’Nutoner Tritio Sutro’, ‘Molom Party’, ‘Tens millions dollar’and so on.

Lux-Channel i superstar winners in 2013, 14, 15, 16 and 2017 are coming soon..

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