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How to lock Pendrive without any software

How to lock Pendrive without any software

Pendrive is an important USB device which is used everyday. We use this device for transferring the data from one device to another. Though the Shareit, Software data cable and other WiFi based transferrer are using remarkably now. But, the necessity of the Pendrive is still now. Even, we can store our data in Pendrive. Sometimes, we use pendrive to transfer the personal and secret document. Then we need to lock Pendrive. But, we face the problem to lock Pendrive. We think that we have to depend on a software to lock it. But you can lock your pendrive without helping any software. Today we will show you how to Lock pendrive without software. Now see today’s tutorial bellow.

How to lock pendrive without software

How to lock Pendrive without any software1) At first enter your ‘ My computer’ or ‘ Computer’ location.
2) Then, keep your mouse curser on your pendrive and click on write button of your mouse.
3) Now, you will find ‘ Turn on Bitlocker‘. Click on it.
5) After select ‘Use a password to unlock the drive‘. Then set your password.
6) Then click on ‘Next‘ button and click on ‘Save the recovery key to a file‘ from next page. Now save it.
7) At last click on ‘ Use Encrypting‘ button and wait until it will be 100% completed.

You are done. Now test if your pendrive is locked. Disconnect the pendrive and reconnect it again. Then You will see that your pendrive locked and ask the password to unlock this. Remind that making lock Pendrive without a software is better than with a software. Because, installing a software in your computer means increasing the pressure on it. So, it will be better if you have a tendency to install minimum number of software in your computer. So, test this tutorial and lock Pendrive without any software. Please leave a reply if you liked this tutorial bellow.

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