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Laptop buying guide before buying a perfect laptop

Laptop buying guide before buying a perfect laptop

When someone ask to anyone what’s laptop is good, then no satisfactory answer is given out. There are many laptops are available in local market. They are completely different from each other with prices as well as configurations. It is very tough to buy a perfect laptop now. You can face many problem with this laptop if you don’t follow the right laptop buying guide before buying. It is very important to know the perfect laptop buying guide before buying a laptop. Now, see the laptop buying guide you should mind before buying a laptop bellow.

Laptop buying guide you should follow before purchase a laptop

Laptop Size : If you want to buy a laptop with low weight, you should choose a notebook. Because, generally notebook’s weight are low and it is very easy to carry. The ultrabook of different laptops are thiner and lighter. So, if you have enough money to buy a laptop, you can choose these. Generally, the laptops which screen sizes within 12.5 – 13.3 are 1-1.5 kg in weight.Laptop buying guide before buying a perfect laptop

Display status : As you keep your eyes to laptop screen for all time, you should take a laptop which display are comfortable for you. It is very important to know the laptop screen resolution. Because it is one of the major issues of laptop buying guide before buying a laptop. The screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels are considered as the the perfect screen of a laptop. Before buying a laptop, you should run that.

Keyboard : The buyers should buy the laptop which laptop keyboard is comfortable for them. Again buyers should follow the back-light in keyboard. Because, if your laptop has the backlight in keyboard then you can use it at night easily. This feature may not available in the old version or in some current version. But, you should try to buy a laptop with backlight in keyboard.

CPU : Intel Core i series CPU is running well in the market. It is top than other in the market, because it can perform different works at the same time . You can buy a laptop with Intel core i7 CPU for getting the good service for the general works. ♣ See more : How to keep your laptop cool from overheating.

RAM : You must buy a laptop with at least 4 GB RAM if you want to run it smoothly. RAM is very important for any laptop for it’s speed and performance. So, take a laptop with at least 4GB RAM for getting better service with it.

Hard Drive : laptop hard drive is an important feature. You should buy a laptop with more space in hard drive. Because it will help you to support more content in your hard drive.  750 GB hard disk space is not bad, isn’t it?

Battery : You should buy laptop with seeing the battery ratting . Generally, 44Wh or 50Wh batteries charge well and remain charge for long time.

Wireless and Wi-Fi : You should buy a laptop with good wireless configuration. Because a powerful wireless configured laptop help you to run Internet smoothly . Bluetooth v4.o is most reliable in the market.

Full-size SD Card Port: When you are buying a laptop, the laptop need the slot to put SD card. You should take a look at whether there is an SD card slot in laptop which you are buying.

USB 3.0 : Data transfer is faster in USB v3  than in USB v2. So you should take a look if USB 3 port are present in that laptop which you want. However, USB 2 and USB 3 ports are presented on most laptops.

If all of these match with your budget, you should purchase the right one. However, it can not meet the budget sometimes. Then, consider with any features and buy a good laptop. We think that this laptop buying guide will help you to chose the right laptop. If you have any question about it, please leave a comment bellow.

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