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JDC – JSC result rescrutiny / Khata challenge process 2017

JDC – JSC result rescrutiny / Khata challenge process in 2017. Students will be able to apply for the re-examination of JSC & JDC examination sheet from December 31, 2017 to January 6, 2018. After sending the SMS from Teletalk mobile, the results will be announced later.

For each paper, you have to pay a fee of Tk 125. In case of two papers (Bangla and English), a subject code (101 for Bangla, 107 for English) will be considered as an application for two papers and the application fee will be 250 Tk.

This year Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examination’s average pass rate is 83.65% said by Dhaka Education Board Chairman Prof Mahbubur Rahman. 1,91628 examines got GPA-5 in the JSC result.

JSC result rescrutiny  2017 will be published after 30 days. It is assured from the different Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational board of Bangladesh. The examiner of Dhaka board, Shrikanto Kumar chondo said that according the rule, JSC result rescrutiny  2015 would be published within 30 days after publishing the main result. So, following 30 January will be the date to publish out the JSC and JDC rescrutiny result 2017.

JSC (Junior School Certificate) , JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) Examination result rescrutiny process 2017 will start from 31 December, 2017. Here it mentioned that JSC result rescrutiny 2017 / JDC result Khatha challenge application program last date is 6 January, 2018.

The all result recheck process 2017 of JSC and JDC will be done by Mobile SMS. For this You must have a Teletalk SIM. The examines will get the application time about one week. JSC result rescrutiny result 2017 will be published separately in all Education board of Bangladesh.

JDC and JSC rescrutiny result 2016 has published. All education board released this JDC and JSC re-scrutiny result 2016. They published the list for only students who’s result has been changed. JSC and JDC result 2016 was published on 29 December, 2016. Someone may have not get their desired result. They also rechecked the result according the JDC and JSC result rescrutiny process 2016.

JDC / JSC result rescrutiny program last date and duration :

JSC/JDC result 2017 re-scrutiny program begins from 31 December, 2017 and that will be continued up to 06 January, 2018.

JSC result rescrutiny process 2017:

1) Go to your mobile message option and type : RSC <Space> 1st 3 letters of your education board name <Space> Your Roll Number <Space> Subject Code. Now send to 16222 number. Example : RSC JES 872850 101
[ If you want to challenge one more papers or subject, type those subjects code separating with comma (,) ] Example : RSC JES 872850 101,107 [ Here.. Bangle=101,English=107]

JDC - JSC result rescrutiny - Khata challenge sms process

2)  After compilation you will get a return SMS with a PIN number. If you will agree the information , go to the next step.
3) Now you have to pay the charge to recheck the result. Again go to the message option and type ‘ RSC <Space> YES <Space>PIN number < Space > Your Contact Number’ and send it tp 16222 number again.

4) Now you are done . You will get a return SMS with information about the compilation of the JSC and JDC rescrutiny  process .

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