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12 iPhone features and benefits what are unknown

12 iPhone features and benefits what are unknown

Many of us are using iPhone. Specially iPhone is a luxurious phone. But it is not only the expensive smartphone but also has the many features that are very helpful. Generally, we don’t know about all the iPhone features and it’s benefits. 12 iPhone features and benefits what are unknownThere are some exclusive iPhone features that are very interesting. They are capable to appreciate to you. Dear, friends, today we came to you to show the 12 iPhone features and benefits which may be helpful for you as a iPhone user. Now see 12 iPhone features and benefits from bellow.

12 iPhone features and benefits

1. Reply Test message during phone locked

It is a great iPhone features. When you got a SMS during your phone locked, you can send reply sms to your friend. When phone unlock you can reply text sms , for that, you will down the notification bar at first.  Then remove the sms left side which you have receive. After you will get a place to write text.

2. Mark Battery drainer App

Which app is spending battery charge , You can check that. Isn’t a good iPhone features? Yes, it. For checking that go to Setting>General >Battery usage.Then, You can see that.

3. Message history details

To whom, you have sent videos and photos for looking that, click Details option going message app.

4. Being delete message, Sent from you

Go to Setting > Message. Then you will get a Expire option at bottom . After sending Audio ,video , you can select it when it will be deleted.

5. Share Location

You can share your location with your friend by message. For doing this, go to Details options of the Message thread , then select Send My Location. But if you want that, your friend truck you then select Share My Location.

6. Do not disturb !

If you do not want to get message notification from determined contact number, then going Details menu of message thread , Select Do not disturb.

7. Leave from group conversation

If you do not get message notification from group conversation ,then going Details menu of message thread . Select Leave Conversation.

8. Naming of group message threads

If you want to more chat in determined group ,then group naming is very important factor. So for this, go to Details menu of message thread. Then fill a appropriate group name on the field box.

9. Easily message forward.

If you want to forward any message to any number ,then do double click on the message. After that, more option will appeared to make message forward from that.

10. Run Siri more fast

It is a major iPhone features. If you want to play Siri by voice without using hand, then go to Setting >General>Siri. Going there, You have to enable ‘Enable Hey Siri‘. Now tell ‘Hey Siri’ . Your Siri will be started.

11. Siri will read all things of screen for you

If you want to help from siri to read anything, go to Setting >General>Accessibility>Speech. Now select ‘Speak Screen‘ and ‘Speak Selection‘.If you turn your two finger from up to down on the screen, then Siri will read what the test are there.

12. Right pronounce of your name.

Siri will pronounce of your name and address. For this, you will ask to Siri “What’s my name? ” Then Siri will tell your name. If you unlike that name, you will answer in this way- ‘That’s not how you pronounce___(your name will be in the blank)‘. Then Siri will read three name.You will chose the best name. Then you will show to Siri that name . Siri will remember that.

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