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How to identify real and fake Bangladeshi 500 & 1000 taka notes

How to identify real and fake Bangladeshi 500 & 1000 taka notes

Due to money laundering, sometimes we have fake currency in our hands. One of the reasons is that we do not check real or fake money during the transaction. But how can it be known that any money is real or fake? Today we will show you how to identify real and fake Bangladeshi 500 & 1000 or others taka notes here.

There are 13 important information about real or fake currency hanging in banks. Sometimes it is also printed in newspapers as well. By checking security yarn, color-changing ink, uneven printing, watermark, you can know yourself whether you are doing safe transactions.

How to identify real and fake notes?

Being fake notes in Bangladesh is not something new today. Nowadays, everyone seems to be responsible seeing the money carefully during taken. The counterfeit dollar or the foreign currency is now fake in the market of Bangladesh. This is known through the paper. For this, one can fall in a horror condition when one thousand taka notes are found as fake. Only if you recognize fake notes, you can get rid of the shocking shame. You can also find out some information here how to identify real and fake Bangladeshi 100, 500 & 1000 taka notes. Let’s know how to identify a fake note.

There are some important things to identify for counterfeit notes. In the meantime, everyone has known that Bangladesh Bank has issued us a notification with some basic means. I’m showing that way. It is very easy to know how to identify fake note.

1. Safety features: Some security features can never be given in fake currency. The logos, images, the paper will be unique in all it’s security features.

2. Color changeable ink: The standard color is written in changeable color which can never be duplicated. So see the value number of the taka carefully. If you look at the five hundred taka, the color of the text of the number will change.

How to identify real and fake Bangladeshi notes

3. Security yarn: There is a value number is written in security yarn. If a yarn of low value note is used in a high value note, then it is possible to identify.

4. Uneven surface: The uneven surface of the currency is one of the strategy to catch counterfeit notes. The surface of each original note will be rough and dull. If it is smooth, then think fake.

5. Watermark: By seeing watermark, you can identify real and fake Bangladeshi notes. In the notes of 500 and 1000 taka, the value is given in this watermark. Also there are the logo of the Bangladesh Bank. You will have to identify the real currency after seeing everything. If you are interested, you can watch related videos here.

How do you recognize the fake notes? There is no reason to worry. You can check Bangladesh Bank’s published notification. Generally, after releasing the new notes, Bangladesh Bank published the security features for avoiding counterfeit money. So, just aware of those security features and make safe transaction.

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