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How to identify fake Facebook account

How to identify fake Facebook account – 9 tips to reveal

A common type of Facebook incitement is fake account or fake ID. Fake account means an account in which the information (name, images, email, etc.) is revealed false. This type of account is usually opened for cheating purposes. Fake accounts have resulted in many serious consequences.So before knowing what we should do against fake Facebook account, we should detect it.

Some people also make fake Facebook profile to abuse other one. We also see that a group of people blackmail the innocent users to snatch money. So, if we don’t become aware about fake Facebook account, we can face such kind of problem.

There are many ways to reveal fake Facebook profiles. Just, you need to pick up some knowledge about Facebook. Here is top 9 tips to identify fake Facebook account –

9 tips to identify fake Facebook account

  1. Profile Pictures: Usually Fake ID has only one or a few profile pictures. In addition, the Fake ID does not contain the actual size of the picture. They use the small size or the cut image.
  2. Photo Album: In most cases, fake Facebook users don’t have photo albums in fake profiles. A real profile contains photo albums on the occasion of various events that are not in the case of fake profiles. Although the fake Facebook account has it’s own photo album with different photos such as flowers, birds, etc.
  3. Sharing comments with friends: In the original Facebook profile, a lot of comments are shared with friends with different status and images. But fake Facebook profile does not contain such comments and conversations. Though there is a comment, that is only a complimentary statement.
  4. Friend list: If friend list is made public, you can identify fake Facebook account to see that list. Because usually there are very few friends in fake ID. For more friends, the list reveal randomly (does not have a mutual friend).
  5. Posts: If there is a dirty or bad post on a ID, it should be a fake ID. Because no one wants to be bad in front of everyone by filthy post in his own Facebook ID.
  6. Page Likes and activity: Again it is the easiest way to identify fake Facebook profile by seeing the page likes, activity on timeline. Generally, people join a group that is associated with their school, college, university, workplace, any service, work, etc. But in case of fake ID it is opposite. He joins any irrelevant group.
  7. User name and id name: The user name on Facebook can not be changed more often. So it can be a good way to verify Fake ID. If the name of the user name and ID is different then it should be a fake account.
  8. Invite to like a Page: If any unfamiliar ID sends invitations to your Facebook account to like a page and repeatedly shows interest in contact with you, then you should identify that as fake profile. See More: How to make photos private on Facebook.
  9. Basic Info: School, college, university and job descriptions are not available for most of the fake profiles. Occasionally there are names of such school colleges which do not exist. Many times the name of the school college is known, but there is no batch mate or friends or tag in the friend list.

In addition to the above topics, many other issues or activities can cause doubts about any unfamiliar ID. You can identify any fake Facebook account by those issues. So, reveal the all fake profiles in Facebook and save yourself from different unpleasant harassment.

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