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HSC result rescrutiny Khata Challenge process

HSC result rescrutiny / Khata Challenge process 2018 Bangladesh

HSC result rescrutiny process 2017 has been declared. HSC and equivalent students will be able to submit the application to re-examine the results tomorrow. Students will be able to apply for re-scrutiny from Teletalk mobile till 24-30 July, 2017. All education board will publish their HSC re-scrutiny result individually in their own website.

HSC ( Higher Secondary certificate) and equivalent result 2017 has published on 23 July, 2017. The average passed rate of HSC result 2017 is 68.91%. About 33242 students have obtained GPA5. The passing rate is quite low than the previous year.

Who passed with great result, we congratulate them. But who couldn’t obtain good result, we condemn them. Don’t worry your result might be mistake. So, call your exam papers for re-scrutiny. You result may change then. First, you can introduce with about Re-scrutiny. This year HSC exam result re-scrutiny program starts from 24 July, 2017. It will be continued until 30 July, 2017.

What is result re-scrutiny program or process?

Every year after publishing HSC and SSC exam result, The all educational board in Bangladesh give a change for the students who have a complain about their result. By this process, the students can challenge the exam result and call their exam papers for re-scrutiny program. This process is also called as Khata Challenge, Result re-scrutiny and more. Most of all us think that by this result re-scrutiny program, the boards reexamine their whole answered papers. But it is not true. They only reexamined the student answered papers if marks counting was mistake.

How do HSC result rescrutiny process 2017

You needn’t to go your own education board for HSC result rescrutiny program 2017. You can do HSC result rescrutiny at your home. But, you have to use only Teletalk Sim to send the message. Now see details here..

How do HSC result rescrutiny process
Go to your mobile massage option and type

RSC <> First 3 letters of your name <> Roll number <> Subject code

Example: if you are a student of Jessore Board and your roll is 259362. You want to challenge for you Bengali Subject. Then type – RSC<>JES<>259362<>101.

Send this message to 16222.

Note that you will be able to apply for more than one subject together in a SMS. You have separate the subjects code with comma (,) when you type. For re-scrutiny of Bengali and English, type

RSC <> JES <> 259362<> 101,107.

In this case, for each subject it will be charged BDT 150. The subjects which has two papers like Bengali and English, it will charge BDT 300. Then the first paper code will be consider as two papers. After sending the SMS to 16222, you will got a confirmation message if you agree to continue your rescritiny progarm. You will get a pin number and ask you to pay the charge money. If you will agree with it then type-
RSC <> YES <> PIN number <> your contact number (any operator)

Date and Time of HSC result rescrutiny 2017:

HSC exam result 2017 rescrutiny program starts from 24 July, 2017 & will be continued until 30 July 2017. Now if your typing SMS will be right and you have enough money in your mobile. Then you will get a confirmation message congratulation you. Mind that you must use only Teletalk connection or sim for this HSC result re-scrutiny program 2017. Best of luck for you. we will come back again with your HSC re-scrutiny result 2017.

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