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HSC Result Publish Date

HSC Result Publish Date 2018 – BD education board

HSC and equivalent examinations result 2017 will publish on 23 July, 2017. This is the HSC Result Publish Date in 2017. The letter was sent to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Office recently, due to the possible date of publication of these three days by the education ministry. According to the Ministry of Education, the results will be published on 23 July, 2017 as the Prime Minister gave this time to declare the result.

According to tradition, the copy of the results of the public examination was first handed to the Prime Minister. Then the results were open for everyone. That is why the results were published on the day the Prime Minister given time.

The HSC and equivalent theoretical exams of the year 2017 ended on May 15, 2017. The practical test ended on last May 25. The results is being published within 60 days of the end of the examination since 2006. Accordingly, on July 24, 60 days of HSC and equivalent examinations will be completed. So, a date may be selected from the 22nd to 24th July, 2017 by the Prime minister’s Office and sent a letter to Ministry of Education.

HSC Result Publish Date 2017

HSC result 2017 publishing date news
Tapan Kumar Sarker, director of the Dhaka Education Board, told us, “We have sent proposals to the Ministry of Education for the possible dated 22-24 July for the HSC Result 2018. From there, that has been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office. The results will be published on the day that the prime minister will give time or the time before that.”

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He also said, “Most of our work is finished. Therefore, there will be no problem if Prime Minister set the date before and after that time.” So, we can expect HSC Result Publish Date 2017 within 22-24th July, 2017.

Under the 10 Education Board Bangladesh, this year, 11 lakh 83 thousand 686 students took part in HSC and equivalent examinations. Among the total candidates, 6,35,697 students are male and 5,47,989 students are female.

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