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How to keep your laptop cool from overheating

How to keep your laptop cool from overheating

Laptop is a useful device now. We use it in different purposes. But, overheating is a common problem for the laptop computer. The laptop in which there are no cooling system from overheating it is a great problem. We see that the old versions laptop become overheating. But, by some technique, you can reduce your laptop overheating remarkably. We made a post before some days ago ‘How to sit in front of computer for long duration‘ and now we have appeared you with new one. We think it is also important for you. See the below tips to keep your laptop cool from overheating.

How to keep your laptop cool from overheating

♦ Don’t placed it on your blanket or beanbag. Must be concerned about non planned something or soft clothes. Keep open the vent of fan. Try to keep it on collar when performing any heavily works. Thus you can avoid the storage of heat when you using it at your bed.

♦ Keep Clean your device. You can use blower to remove dust& take help of a experienced person to clean the fan,heat sink. It will give you a attractive look of your laptop.

♦ After cleaning, you can change your thermal past. It play an important role in transporting heat from processors, GPU,cheap set to heat sink & its a most useful matter to your laptop. The price of it very cheap & you can get easily from your nearest deal lar. To get top quality you have to spent only 1000-1200 tk. You can use this past more than 5-6 times. So,you may share with someone.

♦ Due to lowest speed of net, we, most of us, keeping the display down to keyboard when downloading something. This is a great cause of burning our laptop. On the other hand,through the keyboard some amount of heat released. So, be careful about this specially who use Mac book.

♦ If there is radiation or G-force in your laptop, then keep it off when not necessary. you can take help from driver setting. It save your laptop from being warmth about 50-60%. You can apply balanced or power saving mood instead of high performed mood. Although there is possibilities of burning laptop in a 35-39 degrees Celsius temperature day. In this case,you can use some apps, i.e, speed fan or fan control for Mack book. Be aware about getting warm & if necessary keep open the auto shutdown mood .It will give a great safety for your laptop.

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