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Free internet in Bangladesh by internet.org

How to get free internet in Bangladesh by internet.org

At last free internet services in Bangladesh is going to start. By this project the Bangladeshi people can use free internet by Internet.org. Facebook offers this free internet service. You can surf the web without any data recharge. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that all mobile services will be available to this facility.

Now you can find out about local hospitals, job news, restaurants, education related information all over the world through mobile phones. Social networking giant Facebook launched such a new apps. The new apps are called Internet.org. By downloading the app you can use the internet without any data recharge.

He also said that the internet.org aims to provide free internet access to the people worldwide. He also said that their organization believes that every person in the world has the right to access health, employment, education and basic information through the Internet.

It is a nonprofit programs by which people can browse many important sites freely. Bangladeshi mobile phone operator company Robi and Facebook brought this free internet service. Today ICT state minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak will launch this service officially.

The staffs of Facebook have already come and they are waiting to lunch this free Internet service.

The users can get free internet access from internet.org by installing the app in their smartphone. You can download internet.org app from Google play store.

How to use internet.org to get free internet in Bangladesh:

1) At first you have to download the app. Download the internet.org app from Google play store. Then install that in your android.
2) After installing the app, run it and login to internet.org (If you have a account) or sign up.
3) When you enter in internet.org homepage, you will see the websites list which can use free internet. You can free access these website and can enjoy their content without any cost. Some important not about free Internet in Bangladesh bellow.

Important issues of this free internet service:

1) User can browse the listing websites only.
2) Any content like photos, videos or file can not upload or download.
3) This service is applicable for the concern mobile operator (Like Robi).

Facebook’s Product Management Director Guy Rojen said that 85 percent of the world’s population live under the mobile phone network. But only 30 percent of them use internet. Downloading these apps will help you get health, education, news, job-data and other information without any cost. They want to encourage more people to access the internet by providing these services free of charge.

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