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motorcycle or car driving license in Bangladesh

How to get a motorcycle or car driving license in Bangladesh

Driving is an important part of our daily life. It is also a favorite hobby of many peoples. In Bangladesh, we can see that many of us have no driving license, but we still drive. It is a bad news for of all us that the government is going to become strict about this matter. Today, we are going to discus about this car driving license. We think it will be helpful for you to grab this.

To get a motor or car driving license anyone has to collect probationer driving license before starting driving training. For professional driving license is 20 years and non professional driving license is 18 years are applicable for any person. BRTA takes 3 stages examination before giving the driving license.

How to get a motor or car driving license?

At first you have to collect learner driving form from BRTA official website or their office to get a car driving license. That form is for free. After, it has to fill up and submit to a certain bank paying specific fee.

For learner driving license you have to pay 345 tk including vat for a single car and 518 tk (including vat) for twos ( Car and Motor Cycle). But you should choose second one, then you can get a permission to drive for two types vehicles. The learner license validation is 3 months. You can update the license to increase validity. Then you have to pay 87tk to extend for this.

The full duration driving license is two types. One is professional and other is non professional. The professional driving license fee is 1438 tk and non professional is 2300tk.

For non professional driving license you have to pass through some stages. At first you have to apply to BRTA with some specific papers. But the applicant have to apply from their own area BRTA office. Then the BRTA office gives them a learner driving license. By this license they can learn driving.

A examination will be held in a mentioned date with the present of a magistrate. Then you have to participate in viva, written and field test examination. In these examinations, Traffic laws and traffic signals related questions are asked generally. In field test the applicant will be derived car in front of the examiner. By completing these 3 stages (Viva, written and field test) the applicant can get driving license.

In a learner driving form there are Name, Father name, address, birth date, blood group and more. The license number and date will be fill up by the authority.

Learner or novice driver’s license required documents:

You have to submit money (fee) receive paper, birth certificate, address verification certificate with license form. You have to include photocopy of national ID card, latest 3 copies stamps and 1 copy passport size photos with a medical report. See details here-

  1. Application in prescribed form
  2. Medical Certificate by registered doctor .
  3. National ID card / birth certificate / passport photocopies attested.
  4. Fees: For Category 1 – 345tk and for Category 2 – 518tk. Bank Receipt (Bank list can be found at www.brta.gov.bd) .
  5. latest 3 copies stamps and 1 copy passport size photos.

Required documents for getting smart card driving license :

After passing the 3 stages test you have to apply for smart card driving license with submitting a specific form paying a amount of fee. In a fixed day the applicant will be presented for giving the bio-metrics information (Digital photos, Digital signature and finger print) to the authority. Then the authority will inform about card issue date to the applicant by SMS.

Again to get smart card for the non professional applicant, they have to submit necessary papers and fees to the circle office of BRTA. If the submit papers and information will be acceptable, then the applicant bio-metrics information will be taken same day. After the BRTA authority will send the information about issue date by SMS. Now you are done to get a motor or car driving license.

Dear friends, you can see our previous post how to get a Indian tourist visa to travel in India. if you want to know the full process in Bengali to get a motor or car driving license in Bangladesh, Then visit http://www.brta.gov.bd/index.php/services/driving-license.

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