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How to avoid Facebook block from Facebook

How to avoid Facebook block by Facebook from being disabled

How to avoid Facebook block from Facebook? Sometimes we hear that someone Facebook account is blocked by Facebook authority. This incident is occurring and it is a common matter of us who use Facebook. Then we can’t chat in Facebook with our friends. Even, we loss our permission to access our Facebook account. But, many of us don’t know what’s the the reason for blocking the Facebook account.

Actually Facebook has some policy or guide lines. If you avoid these guide lines, you may block. This block duration may be 7 days or for 1 month. Even, you can loss your Facebook account for ever. Dear friends, Today we appeared to tell you by which your Facebook account may block by the Facebook authority.

How to avoid Facebook block

1) Don’t write any comment in Facebook that seems to attack someone. Then you may get block your Facebook account. Because, that Facebook user may report to Facebook authority against you. It is enough to get block your Facebook account. Facebook authority gives so much importance about this issue. So, be care full giving a comment in Facebook, then you can avoid Facebook block easily.

2) Getting Facebook block is more common for the new Facebook users. Because, when they open a new Facebook account, they send many friends request on a day. It is a major issue getting Facebook account block. Because, there are a limitation for sending friends request on a day. If you cross that limit, your account may block.

3) Again if you send a same message from your account or Facebook page in a single day, then your account may be blocked. So, change your massage every time slightly and send it to your friends. It will help you to avoid Facebook block from Facebook.

4) If you give the same post for many times in your Facebook timeline, then Facebook may consider as a spam activity. It can block your Facebook account. So avoid this type of activity to run your Facebook account for long time.

5) If you like many Facebook page in a single day and continue it, then your Facebook account will be blocked. Facebook will warn you before getting block your account. If you neglect the warning and  continue, you must be blocked. So be careful about this to avoid Facebook block.

6) Getting Facebook account block has a another major reason. If you upload the pornographic photos, videos on your timeline, then your Facebook account may block. Because, Facebook can’t tolerate this issue. So, avoid posting pornographic photos and videos.

7) Don’t change your name to any celebrity or popular person. If they report to Facebook about this matter, then your account will be blocked.

8) If you make your Facebook profile name with your favorite pet, then your account may blocked. So, don’t do this to avoid Facebook block.

9) Don’t use your Facebook account for the purposes of your business. Because, Facebook doesn’t allow you to use your account to use any business purposes. If you do that, your account may block. See More: Change Facebook profile picture to National flag easily.

Now you heard the all issues getting block any Facebook account. So, be careful to run your Facebook account. Then, you can avoid Facebook block from Facebook easily.

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