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How to apply for passport online in Bangladesh

How to apply for passport online in Bangladesh

Recently, as a part of building digital Bangladesh,our government are going to starting the facilities of Machine readable passports in online. You can apply for passport online on your computer. just come in respective passport office to keep your finger print shadow. However see the today’s post about application process for passport online in Bangladesh here.

Application process for getting passport online in Bangladesh

1. Firstly log in www.passport.gov.bd on your computer. you will get the homepage and go to MRP online Application menu. You can see some instructions and accept the condition clicking on ‘ I have read the above information’. Then click on  ‘Continue to online enrollment’ button to continue.

2. A new page will be open by wanting your requiring information.Firstly, select your country, then type of passport i.e. ordinary, diplomatic, official. then, select the delivery type i.e. regular or expressive. As a whole you have to fill the form correctly. Read More- Top natural tourist place in Bangladesh where you should to visit.

3. In personal information section, you to keep your some personal information like,candidates name,father’s and mother’s name with occupation, nationality, husband and wife name(if present) with occupation , married or unmarried, birth country name,date of birth,occupation, district name,national identical & birth registration card no,height, sex,religion, email id. In citizenship information section,you should give about your nationality, type of nationality, if there is one or more citizenship. Then take a look at below and keep your upozilla ,district name with present and permanent address. Again check your information before going at ‘save and next’ button.

4. In next page, you will provided application ID or application number.besides this, you will be sent an email with application id with a password which have to restore.*then keep your home,office or personal cellphone number in applicant contact information section.*In emergency contact person’s section,keep details about your confidential personality with name &address.

5. **In passport information section, give your previous passport info.i (if you have).**in payment information section,keep the amount of money and case memo number for passport charged payment in related bank.**In foreign mission section,keep detail about your goal to go abroad. Then,if you finished your required  information, click ‘save & next button’.

6. Now, you will be displayed the full application form,check carefully if any wrong and click save button. Then printout the final form. Otherwise, you can printout this form with application number and password which you provided in email.You have come in passport office with this form to keep your finger print with passport charge.

What works you have to complete after online application :

You have to come Aggargoan passport offices with final form,national identical card,attested previous passport photocopy(if present) at 804 no room. Here verify  your form with signature and take a serial no.

Now, go to the 310 no room of nearest office. Directly go to the sub-commissioner room and verify your documents.
After verification, go to nearest room for photo capturing.

Contact with counter no 19 where only online service are served. He will take your pic, signature, finger print and will provided you a memo. After getting  this,just leave the room…………..And you are complete your application.

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