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Highest Paid tv actor

Top 10 highest paid tv actor in 2016

Who are the highest paid tv actor? How much money earn by TV actors? These are the common question of all us. Because, the amount of money earned by TV actors may hurt your brain if you heard. Do you know how much money they earn by a single episode? You can’t imagine how much they earn.

Now many actors are moving to Television shows or serial than movies. Because, they can earn big amount here with a little works. Again there are many Popular TV series  and shows which are most popular than regular movies. Here you can recommend as ‘Game of Throne“. What’s the popularity it has! Where a enlisted actor are earning 1 million as paid money for a whole film, he can earn this same amount staring a TV shows in just a episode. However we will show you a list of top 10 highest paid tv actor in the world at present time. You can see it later part of this post.

The main difference between a television show and a film is that TV shows are more shorter than a movie. A short time is taken in TV show to produce it . The producer and actor can complete a TV show within few days without any stress. But in case of a film it is not possible.  Popular ranking publisher Forbes has published their highest paid tv actor list in 2015. As usual The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family men dominated this list. Big Bang has gotten four of the top six slots and Jim Parsons is dominating the list earning $29 million. Jim Parsons’s  co-actor Johnny Galecki is at second position  earing $27 million. However now see the top 10 highest paid tv actor in 2015 ranked by Forbes.

Top 10 highest paid tv actor in 2015

1. Jim Parsons ⇒ $29 million
2. Johnny Galecki ⇒ $27 million
3. Mark Harmon ⇒ $20 million
4. Simon Helberg ⇒ $20 million
5. Kunal Nayyar ⇒ $20 million
6. Ashton Kutcher ⇒ $20 million
7. Jon Cryer ⇒ $15 million
8. Ray Romano ⇒ $15 million
9. Patrick Dempsey ⇒ $12 million
10. Simon Baker  ⇒ 12 million

We enlisted top 10 highest paid tv actor in 2015 above. Generally Forbes publishes different ranking in different sectors at earlier of a year. Top 10 highest paid tv actor list in 2016 will be released in 2017. Just wait and see who are the top 10 highest paid tv actor in current year.

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