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Guides before buying DSLR camera

Best 10 guides before buying DSLR camera you should think

DSLR camera is a great thing for the photographer. But Who are the newer about DSLR, it is not so easy task to operate this for them. Again to buy a right DSLR camera is so difficult if you have no idea about this. Before buying DSLR camera, we become worry to buy the best one.  For your demand, we have appeared toady to inform you the tips before buying DSLR camera. So see the best 10 tips you should follow buying DSLR camera.

10 guides before buying DSLR camera

1) Changes Aperture with zoom by normal lens :

When you will buy a DSLR camera, then you should get a kit lens with it. That kit lens is not high priced and not high quality. But that is enough to take a picture. Mind that when you will capture a picture then the aperture setting will be changed with zoom. So you should set your aperture when you change the zoom. Read More: Top low price DSLR camera in Bangladesh with specifications.

2) Buy a UV filter for your lenses :

UV filter has a importance to get a good picture. Firstly, it protect distortion of picture by UV ray. Secondly it protect your lenses from spotting. Generally UV filter price is so cheaper than the camera price. So you should have UV filter.

3) Capture picture in RAW file format :

If you want to take a good picture by DSLR camera, you should capture it in RAW file format. You can remove the processing effects on picture during capturing the picture if you take it in RAW file format. Example – If you have a problem in camera setting, you can fix that by RAW editor.

4) Ensure right focus :

It is important to set proper focus during capturing the picture. But that is not possible most time and the picture doesn’t good that we accept. Specially when you will take picture quickly, this problem can be happened. So you should check the right focus by taking a picture first. After you should capture the main one.

5) Don’t hesitate to capture more pictures :

Taking more picture is the key to get a good picture. Sometimes your target object doesn’t keep the right position when you And for this reason to get a good quality picture you should capture more picture.

6) Buy low price 50mm F/1.7 or F/1.8 lens :

About all DSLR camera have 50mm F/1.7 or F/1.8 lens. These lenses prices are low, but it’s field depth and low light help you to make setting that is not available in another lenses.

7) Capture picture using all type setting and mode :

If you have no idea about any setting or mode, then take the picture using all mode and setting. It will help you to get the good picture from all capturing pictures.

8) Use shutter and aperture mode:

Who are the new DSLR camera user, they can face the problem using manual shooting mode. To avoid this problem, you can use Shutter priority and Aperture mode. These modes are semi-auto and semi-manual modes and they help you to use the DSLR camera perfectly.

9) Use white balance for capturing the normal pictures:

In DSLR camera there are a setting option named White Balance setting which give the normal colour of your pictures even in the light location. In this setting you get Auto flash, day light, cloudy and more.

10) Buy used DSLR camera :

Buying a used DSLR camera or reduced price DSLR is a good technique to save the money when you buy DSLR camera for first time. By this trick you can buy lens or other equipment by this saving money.

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