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GP internet setting for handset configuration

GP internet setting for your easiest handset configuration

GP internet setting for your easiest handset configuration. Grameenphone is the leading mobile operator in Bangladesh. A huge numbers of people of the country are using Grameenphone connection. Among them many people are running Internet through attractive Grameenphone internet package.

Grameenphone internet offer are also very reliable and helpful for users. Who are experienced to running Internet in their handset or desktop, they don’t face problem to set handset configuration.

But There is a common problem among the new user to set handset configuration. Dear friends, we appeared today to see how to get GP internet setting for handset configuration easily. We this this topic is useful for of all us who are running Internet.

GP internet setting on any devices is very easy task. But, it may be difficult to make GP internet setting for handset configuration when you change your gp sim from your device to another. Then in new device your GP internet setting will be gone and you will lost your Internet connection. Now Grameenphone make easy to configure handset or other device setting for internet connection. GP brought their all services in one place.

Customers can get their all GP services dialing *121# number. However, If you are a new comer to use internet and want to use it, then you have to follow some steps bellow. We provided some tips for you by which you can get GP internet setting for your handset configuration.

GP internet setting for handset configuration

GP internet setting by SMS

Through SMS you can make your handset configuration for GP internet. So, be ready and go to your mobile message option. Then-

  • Type ‘ALL‘ and send his typed message to 8080 number.
  • In reply SMS, you will get a confirmation message about your GP internet setting. Save that message on your device. If you will require any password, then use 1234 as your password.
  • Now you are done and enjoy your Internet journey.

Grameenphone internet Configuration manually

You can also make your GP internet setting on your phone manually. Then you have to use the setting option of your phone. Now you have to configure your APN. Follow below steps to do it.

  • At first go to Setting option in your phone.
  • Then find out Connection setting or configuration option.
  •  Now configure your Internet setting option with below information-

GP WAP setting
Profile/ Connection→ GP-WAP
APN (Access Point Name)→ gpwap
IP →
PORT → 8080
Homepage → https://www.bdprimeit.com

Extra collection in pdf for you:
1) GP Android APN settings.
2) GP Windows 8 Internet MMS Configuration.

Nowadays you needn’t to get configuration on your device. Because, Grameenphone make configure your device when you buy a GP Internet package. You can buy gp Internet packages dialing *121# number from your mobile. If you have done above steps properly, we sure you can get your GP internet connection.

After making your GP internet setting  you should buy a proper Grameenphone internet package to run Internet in your device. It is a good news for all Grameenphone internet users that now Grameenphone is providing the automatic configuration for their subscribers. When customers will take a internet package, the handset configuration will be set automatically in their device. So, you needn’t become so much worry with it. You can also start your internet journey with various Grameenphone internet offer.

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