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Top 10 famous female scientists in the world history
Top 10 famous female scientists in the world

Top 10 famous female scientists in the world influence you

Top 10 famous female scientists in the world who influence you. Passing of year man are dominating in all filed around the world. Here the women contributions are not so much recognizable . But there are some brave and genius women who broke this tradition. They made history and contributed unforgettable work from different section such as Chemistry and computer science.

These great women played role to make change the science and bring in new direction. We can not forget the contributions of these women, because without their help our science hasn’t come at this situation. So, see top ten famous female scientists of all time bellow.

10 famous female scientists in the history

10) Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace famous female scientists in the world history

We enlisted Ada Lovelace at 10th in our ’10 most famous female scientists in the history’ list. She is a British Mathematician and is recognized as the 1st computer programmer on the history. She did analysis of the Charles Babage’s Analytical Engine and that is considered as the first algorithm. Her analysis inspired Alan Turing to study him in modern computers. Even Department of Defense of US named after her after developing the program.

9) Dorothy Hodgkin

Dorothy Hodgkin

She is a unforgettable profile in chemistry. She is the 3rd women who won the Nobel Prize. This British scientist was the pioneer to discover of X-ray crystallography. She also confirmed and able to discover the structure of various molecules like Insulin, Penicillin and Vitamin B12. She got Nobel Prize in 1964. Read More: Top 10 richest women in the world now.

8) Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock famous female scientists

Barbara McClintock is considered Is the most influential women scientist in genetic. She is regarded as the most famous scientist only after Gregor Mendel. Her role is unforgettable in the field of cytogenetic. She studied hard on this subject. But the scientific world didn’t give her due respect then. Later they realized her contributions and she received Nobel Prize in 1983 in Physiology.

7) Maria Goeppert-Mayer

Maria Goeppert Mayer famous female scientists

She is a German born American scientist and most renowned figure in nuclear physics. But she wanted to be a mathematician from childhood. Mayer is an important scientist in the world for suggesting the atomic nucleus’s shell model. She is the second women who won the Nobel Prize in Physics after Madam Curie.

6) Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin famous female scientists

She is one of the renowned women scientist who lived for only 38 years. Her colleague neglected her. She is a unforgettable scientist for leaving an important role in Biophysics. She is the leading scientist to discover the DNA structure. But she hasn’t get due respect and credit enough. She also made X-ray diffraction images of DNA. That discovery helped Watson and Crick to discover double helix model of DNA. ♣ Check more- Top 10 popular TV series off all time.

5) Gertrude Elion

Gertrude Elion famous female scientists

Elion was an American pharmacologist. She is renowned in the world for developing anti retro-viral drug AZT with Dr. George H Hitchings . This drug is used for the treatment of AIDS. She also developed other many important drugs such as drugs used for malaria, herpes and leukemia with scientist Hitchings. Elion is at 5th in our ‘Top 10 most famous female scientists’ list.

4) Irene Joliot Curie

Irene Joliot Curie famous female scientists

She is one of the famous female scientists and received Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1935. She is the daughter of renowned scientist Marie Curie. But she made herself as famous for her own works. She followed her parent and continue their work in radioactivity. She found artificial radioactivity and got Nobel Prize for this role. She and her husband Frederic were able to turned Boron into radioactive Nitrogen, Magnesium into Silicon and Aluminum into Phosphorus. Read More : Top 10 richest women in the world.

3) Lise Meitner

Lise Meitner famous female scientists

She is the unforgettable figure in nuclear physics. She was born in Austria. She got a great opportunity to study under the great scientists like Max Planck and Ludwig Boltzman. Otta Hahn was her colleague and they discovered the element Protactinium. She played an important role to discover nuclear fusion as well as atom bomb. She denied Nobel Prize. But later she was honored naming an element after her own name – Meitnerium.

2) Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall famous female scientists

Jane Gooddall is an anthropologist and is one of the famous female scientists in the world. She is also a former Chimpanzees. Most of the time of her life, she spent for researching about Chimpanzees. She also created documentary about lifestyle of Chimpanzees. For her research, we know details about lives of Chimpanzees. Now we know that they are omnivorous and can design using tools. Read More: 10 most searched on google female celebrities.

1) Marie Curie

Marie Curie famous female scientists

As usual Marie Curie is the top famous women scientist. We also listed her at top position in our ’10 most famous female scientists’ list. She is only women who got Nobel Prize for two times in two discipline. Her achievement is being studied worldwide in every schools. Specially Marie Curie is a renowned scientist for researching in Radioactivity. With her husband Pierre Curie, she discovered the radioactive elements Radium and Polonium. She got Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903  along with Pierre & Henry Becquerel for leaving important role in Radioactivity. She awarded with Nobel again in 1911 in Chemistry for discovering isolation of Radium.

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