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10 Amazing facts about Bangladesh

10 Amazing facts about Bangladesh You should know

When you will discus about Bangladesh, you should check out some major amazing facts on it. It is one of the most beautiful and land with green resources located in South-East Asia. Officially, Bangladesh’s name is ‘The people’s republic of Bangladesh’. Today, we will discuss 10 Amazing facts about Bangladesh You should really know.

Though, more than 156 millions peoples are living here, but it is the most fast growing developing country in the world.  However, now check out the 10 Amazing facts about Bangladesh which you should really know.

10 Amazing facts about Bangladesh

1) Bangladesh is mainly the agricultural based country. The green field create it as a beautiful Bangladesh. Most of the people are farmer and they live on Agriculture. But, Garment is the top export product of the country as well as 2nd largest exporter in the world.

2) Many other parts of the earth, we see 4 seasons such as Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall, and also Winter. But, in Bangladesh there are six seasons, summer (grismo), rainy (barsha), autumn (sharat), winter (sheet), and spring (bashonto).

Rainy season in bangladesh - facts about Bangladesh

3) Bangladesh’s national animal is Royal Bengal Tiger. The Royal Bengal Tiger is only seen in Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the wold.  This amazing wildlife can roar which can be heard even 3 kilometers away.

4) Bangladesh is the country which snatched their independent from Pakistan by more than 3 million people’s killed. There is no nation in the world who gained their independent by such numbers of lives. Bangladesh declared independence on 26 March 1971 and got liberation from Pakistan on 16 December 1971.

5) The Cox’s Bazar sea beach located in Bangladesh is the longest unbroken sea beach around the world. It has 120 kilometers of sandy beach made by Bay of Bengal. This is the one of the top 10 destinations of Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach - facts about Bangladesh

6) Bangladesh is the highly populated country and positioned at 8th position according the density of the world. More than 156 millions people are living in Bangladesh. Though it posses more populations, but it has a strong economic condition than other developing country. It has been listed as one of the Next Eleven emerging markets in the world.

7) Having 2,172,000 square kilometers size, the Bay of Bengal is the longest and biggest bay around the world. It mainly creates the north-eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Kuakata and Cox’s Bazar sea beaches are the major beaches of the Bay of Bengal.

Bay of Bengal - facts about Bangladesh

8) In sports there is an interesting facts about Bangladesh. Kabaddi is the national sport here. But, it is not so popular now. Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular game at present time. Bangladesh is one of the full member of ICC (International Cricket Council). Bangladesh National team is at 7th according the recent ICC ODI ranking.

9) Padma and Jamuna are the major rivers in Bangladesh. Most of the rivers are flowed out of India. The Padma is the second speedy river after Amazon in the world with large amount of volume. Bangladesh is primarily a river based country having more than 700 rivers.

10) Overcoming political instability, natural disasters, religious extremity and many others problems, Bangladesh is now the most fast growing developing country. It also behind Pakistan and India in life and human development sector in recent year.

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