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Dropbox features and benefits for users

Dropbox features and benefits for users

Dropbox is a free online cloud storage in which you can keep your file or content safe. By this free cloud storage, you can also share your file, photos, videos and others with your friends easily. In our previous post about why dropbox is good for users, we also described about dropbox.  Today, we will show you about some good Dropbox features.

Dropbox features and benefits

Public folder:

This is one of the good Dropbox features. The files uploaded in this folder is shareable in anywhere. So you can share Your public folder content with your friends easily. To get this feature upload any file in your public folder. Then keep your cursor on the file and click on right button of your mouse. You can see the sharing option and share that with your friends.

Picture Album :

You can create photo album in this folder. To create a photo album follow bellow steps :
1) Create a folder named ‘My Album’ in photos. Then upload some pictures in it and wait until upload fully complete.
2) Now do right click on the My Album folder and select Dropbox < Public Gallery Link and click on it. You are done.
3)Now test your work. To test it copy the link and browse it. Then you can see a nice photo gallery. ♣ Why Dropbox is better than other cloud storage?

General folder :

There is folder named ‘A vision’ in dropbox. It is a shared folder, not a public folder. You can shared your content with your friends who use dropbox. When you upload any file in this folder, your friends get that in their dropbox. To Share this folder follow bellow steps.
1) To share the folder keep your cursor on the folder and do right click on it.
2) Now you can see ‘Dropbox > Share this folder’, click on it.
3) Then you can see a login page. Log in it and you can get a page with a fill up box. Put your friends email address here. Then click on ‘Share this folder’ button.
4) You are done. Now your friends get a notification and mail. If they accept, the file will share with them.

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