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How to delete Facebook account permanently

How to delete Facebook account permanently (3 steps)

Many people have decided not to use Facebook or delete one of several Facebook IDs forever. Last few days, this tendency has increased rapidly worldwide after licking the Facebook user’s privacy. But the process of delete accounts on Facebook is a bit different. So many of them keep deactivated their account not to find the method of delete the account. In this post, we will show you how to delete Facebook account permanently.

There are many complaints against Facebook now. Especially since the user’s information has been inaccessible, the micro-blogging site Twitter has been running a special program called ‘Delete Facebook’. It is being asked the users to remove Facebook account. The announcement was also supported by Space-X and Tesla’s chief executive Elon Mask. Elon Mask, a technology entrepreneur, removed his verified Facebook page on Friday.

You can deactivate your Facebook account from setting but can not permanently delete easily. If for some reason the account is to be permanently deleted, this article will hopefully help you.

Don’t be afraid to delete, because the work as soon as it will not be deleted. You will be given 15 more days to consider whether to actually delete or not. Before deleting, you should think one more time that if you need to delete the Facebook account really. If you want to delete Facebook account now, then read these tips and do what you are asked to do.

How to delete Facebook account step by step

Step 1: Save the data you need

Delete Facebook account - Save the data you need
Save all your photos, videos, friends’ birth-date, contact addresses, etc. before deleting the account. To do this, first click on ‘Settings’. Then click on ‘Download a copy’ below the ‘General’ tab. Facebook authority will tell you when you can download your information.

Step 2: Visit the ‘Delete Account’ page

Visit the 'Delete Account' page
This page is not normally found. You can’t find it Google or other search engines or in Facebook help pages. Here’s the link for your convenience, “Delete My Account“. Go to the link and click the ‘Delete My Account’ button. After that the new window will come in, enter your password and the captcha and click ‘OK’.
Delete Facebook account - captcha

Step 3 : Wait for 14 Days

Delete Facebook account - Wait for 14 Days
It is needed 14 days to delete your Facebook account. During this time the account will remain deactivated. If you change your mind within this period, log in your Facebook ID and change the account’s deletion issue. But, if you will not change your decision, after 14 days your account will be permanently deleted. See more: How to identify fake Facebook account.

Those with whom you’ve maiden chat will be able to see the previous message even after deleting your account. In this case, your picture will be deleted and name will be changed to “Facebook User”.

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