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Darjeeling tour tips and travel guide

Darjeeling tour tips and travel guide

Darjeeling is called daughter of nature. Very interesting a trip to Darjeeling. You will be strange seeing Darjeeling snow peaks of Kanchenjunga overlooking the hill town and the beautiful tea gardens on the slopes of rolling hills , pines ,orchids, the cute Himalayan train .Its way through the mountain and you will enjoy all that with sightseeing tours ,food ,shopping and other exciting activities. Yes , it is possible in Darjeeling. You can enjoy this natural beauty during your darjeeling tour. you can also get deep insights into the fascinating history & heritage,people & culture,weather ,tea gardens and everything this gem of a hill town offers to the world.

Darjeeling tour tips and travel guide

You should visit Darjeeling before you die…
Unless you visit some of the great tourist attractions and sightseeing places, your experience of Darjeeling hills is likely to be incomplete. There are countless tourist places here including great viewpoints, monasteries & religious shrines, rolling tea states on mountain slopes, museums, art galleries, parks & gardens, waterfalls and lot more.
Darjeeling tour
Darjeeling hill town is located at an altitude of 6710 ft in north east India and its part of the west Bangal state.The nearest airport is bagdogra and the nearest major railway junction is new Jalpaiguri .It takes about 3.5 hours to reach Darjeeling from both these location by car .Although the area of Darjeeling hill town itself is small (about 10 square kms)


Good news for you…
I have a good news for you in order to facilitate self designed vacation. Many small & large hotels, restaurants, shops, tour & adventure operators are waiting for you. And they all offer great discounts if you have a Darjeeling tourism card. So apart from shaping your own vacation, you can now get one more benefit of great discounts when you use the card. so, be excited to design your own vacation in Darjeeling and enjoy your darjeeling tour.

Darjeeling tour tips & guide

How to travel to Darjeeling from Bangladesh

To visit Darjeeling from Bangladesh, you have to start your Darjeeling tour from Dhaka. You can complete your Darjeeling tour by two ways. They are Dhaka to Burimari root and Dhaka to Kalkata root.Darjeeling tour tips It will be easy and cheap to travel in Darjeeling crossing the Burimari border. Everyday many buses leave from Dhaka to Burimari. You can also leave from Dhaka at 10 pm via super saloon coach. Then you will reach in Burimri emigration check-post within 7 am. Keep your Indian Visa with you safely . You can enjoy your Darjeeling tour with tourism companies. There are many tourism companies or organization are present in here. They offered may cheap package sometimes. You can take a change with them.

Darjeeling hotels to stay during your Darjeeling tour

There are many hotels, motels and residential accommodations in Darjeeling. Your Darjeeling tour will be more excited and enjoyable with low cost. You can pass your one day with hotel fare and meal cost only at 850-1200 rupees. There are various travel facilities are available in about of all hotels in Darjeeling. Zips for traveling, warm watter and cold prevention facilities are available here. They take care you all time from cold disease. However, Before your Darjeeling tour, you should keep knowledge about the weather of Darjeeling. Then you can avoid these type of problem.

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