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Current gold price in Bangladesh per Bhori and per Gram

Current gold price in Bangladesh per Bhori and per Gram 2018

Gold is the most likest thing of the women. Every woman has a dream to own jewelries. From the ancient period gold is considering as the most important part of jewelries sector. Today we collected latest gold price in Bangladesh per Bhori and per Gram here. You can check out the current gold price in Bangladesh per Bhori or per Gram.

Though other jewelries like platinum or diamond are quite expensive than gold, but women still prefer gold yet. Because, gold is more decent in looks than others.

On 10 September, 2017, traders increased the price of good quality gold by more than 1500Tk. But on September 21, gold prices were reduced at the same rate. But in less than a week, the price of gold fall again. The information was declared on Monday in a press release by the Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS).

The press release said that every Bhori (11.664 gm) of 22 carats gold will be sold at 47 thousands 822 Taka. And 21 carats will be 45,723 Tk and 18 carat gold will be sold at 40,241 Taka. This time the price of best quality gold is reduced by 1166 Tk. Besides, the sonaton gold is selling at 25 thousands 347 taka.

Recently, Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) briefed to the media and said the drop in gold price by Tk 1,166 per bhori (11.664 grams) as the result of the global fall. You will get the latest gold price in Bangladesh in per Bhori and per Gram in this post. This post is updated and we are updating this frequently. ⇒ Read more : Brand new motorcycle price in Bangladesh.

Calculation in per Bhori:
[1 Ounce = 2.43 vori] [1 vori = 11.664 gram]

Today (12/12/2017) 22 carat gold price in Bangladesh each gram is 3,018.13 BDT. We provided below current gold price in Bangladesh in different weights such as 8 Grams, 10 Grams, 100 Grams, 1 Kg, 1 ounce, 1 tola etc of 24 Carat gold.

Gold Price Per Gram in BDT

Current Gold Rate in Bangladesh
Weight Price in BDT
Gold Rate per Gram 3 286.90 Tk
Gold Rate per Oz 102 222.72 Tk
Gold Rate per KG 3 286 904.08 Tk
Gold Rate per Tola 38 337.79 Tk

Current gold price in Bangladesh (Per Bhori)

GOLD 22 Karat 47,939 BDT / Bhori
GOLD 21 Karat 45,723 BDT / Bhori
GOLD 18 Karat 40,474 BDT / Bhori

This gold price list was updated on 12/12/2017. If you have any new update about this price list, please send us mail to our inbox. We must update the price list immediately. However, you can trust it as it is provided by the Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BJS).

For reducing the gold price in the intentional market, the price also dropped in the Bangladeshi local Market. I think this is the lowest gold price here. So, you can shop the jewelries at lowest rate now. There are numerous online shopping sites in Bangladesh. You can check out those to buy the real jewelries.

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