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Cox's bazar Bangladesh travel guide and tips

Cox’s bazar Bangladesh travel guide and tips

Cox’s bazar travel guide, tips and hotel list. Casuarina rows, soft beds of sands and large sea in front. When you travel in Cox’s Bazar, your mind want to walk on the beach in the morning and evening. Cox’s Bazar is called of the blue waters and the sound of slash of the beautiful beaches .Cox’s Bazar is the longest beautiful sea beach in the world. This post is for those who want to visit with family. Moheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Matar Bari, Sahapari, St. Martin’s added more interesting and attractive scene for Cox’s Bazar. Matamahuri, Bakkhali, Rezu, Kuheliyaa and Naf River are crossed over this district . Tourism, resource, fisheries, dry fish, snails, clams and Silica keep up the Cox’s Bazar at top position among the tourists. Now continue our today’s exclusive Cox’s bazar travel guide, tips and hotel list.

⇒Alerts and other information before landing in the Cox’s bazar sea beach:

Know the time of tide before landing in sea beach. A few signs and flags are noticed at various places in beach for safe guard. Get out of the bath in the sea is safe during high tide. At the time, the instruction is directed as well as the green flag hoisting.

Cox's bazar Bangladesh travel guide and tips

At low tide, bathing in sea can causes life threading. Because, tide can keep away any one during this time. So down in the sea before knowing the instruction and stay away landing when the red flag hoisting. If you need, you can get help from the Yasir life guard who are presented for your safety. For your safety and comfortable journey, we have brought our post Cox’s bazar travel guide today.

Cox’s bazar travel guide, tips and hotel list:

Capturing Photography at sea beach:

During tourist season in Cox’s Bazar, a couple of hundred tourists Beach photographer is taking pictures. They provide the pictures with negatives within about an hour . Wearing the red dress on the beach photographers, everyone has an ID card. Several studios are involved with this work. The price of a picture of 4R size is BDT 30 according to the official rate. The signboard according this issue can be found at the main beach. It is a good idea to check the ID card of  those photographers before taking the pictures.

Riding Speedboat:

There are Several speedboats are seen at the beach. They move from Laboni Point to main beach. One round rate is 100 tk .

Beach Bike:

Three-wheeled bikes which are capable moving in sea beach are quite a few here. For riding on these bikes for a round of about 1 km, tourists have to pay 50 tk.

Cox's bazar Bangladesh Himchari National Park
Himchari National Park

Traveling Himchharhi and Inani beach:

It has two attractive tourist spots in Cox’s Bazar within 12 to 22 kilometers. The are Himchharhi and Inani beach. The most attractive beach Inani is situated about 22 kilometers far away from Cox’s Bazar. On the way to the Inani beach it can be found another attractive tourist place Himchharhi just 12 km far away . You can go on jeep at the two places from Kolatoli. If you travel to these two place in the morning, you can back to the town of Cox’s Bazar around noon. You can go here by jeep from Coxis Bazar. If you will reserve the jeep, you have to spend 1500-2500 BDT. When you will visit the places by local jeep. it will cost 200-250 TK.

Communication and Travel fare :

Those who want to go to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka to Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar, or directly Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, they can go there via the bus. The buses leave for the Cox’s Bazar directly from Fokirapul , Arambag, Motijheel and quite a few places in Dhaka . AC, non-AC, deluxe and standard of the direct bus transport fare will be BDT 400 – 1200. Besides Sohag and Green Line, Eagle and other bus service also available. Train or bus leaves every day from Kamalapur to Cox’s Bazar . However, booking tickets in advance is good.

Cox’s Bazar Hotels / Residential systems :

The biggest tourist spot of Bangladesh is Cox’s Bazar. The world’s largest beach of Cox’s Bazar has quite a few of international hotel, motel and resort. In addition, by public and private management in such areas there are much different quality resort, hotel and boarding house. You can pass night in cox’s bazar by minimum of 200 to 10,000 tk . 2200-7000 tk is rent fare for Hotel Segal. For Hotels Shaibal it is 1,000-3,000 TK. Hotels Laboni rent money 600-3,000 BDT. 1000-1500 rent fare for Hotel Upol. 200-3000 tk to hire C crown. 300-2000 TK is for the Zia guest Hall.

Restaurant and other hotel rental fare often fix. However, you can make a phone call before traveling to Cox’s Bazar to ensure better housing. By going directly to the room can be rented. There are eating hotels and restaurants in almost every residential hotel or near the hotel to have a meal. During Cox’s Bazar visiting, the tourist has to tend to eat the fish of the sea during having the meal. Especially dried fish of shrimp, Pomfret, laitya, knife fishes are more amusing to attract tourists.

According to the different types of menus, the price list can be seen variant. However, the government has assured the some feed price list. According to the desire you can take a good meal within BDT 100-500. However, learn more about the name of the food and it’s cost prior to consumption. If it is needed,note the value and pay the bills according your note.

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