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How to clean computer from unwanted dust perfect way

How to clean computer from unwanted dust perfect way

In this technology era, most of us use computer in office or in house. For heavy usage the dust fall on computer and reduced it’s performance. Sudden shut down , hanging , restart and etc are happened.  Most of us don’t know how to clean computer properly. If you clean your laptop or PC in wrong way, then it will be happen bad situation for your laptop. To clean computer there are some rules those keep your computer safe and increased the performance. Again Your Computer can slow by the virus attacking. Now see today’s post.

How to clean computer from dust :

1) At first Shut down your laptop or PC. If the charger connect with the laptop, then disconnect that.
2) Now clean up your computer screen softly by a cotton cloth. You should not use dirty or wet cloth to clean it.
3) Dust is the main enemy for your laptop or PC. To clean the stored dust in your keyboard, you can use a soft toothbrush.
4) There are Screen protector, Keyboard protector, mini vacuum cleaner are available in the local market. You can buy those. Even You can use compressed air to clean up the dust.
5) To clean the computer monitor you should not use alcohol or Ammonia based cleaner. Because it is harmful for the monitor.
6) There are many Cleaner spray  available in the market. But it is not good decision  to clean the laptop or TV monitor. Sometimes we see that someone clean the monitor with facial tissue. That is not a good work.
7) To clean the monitor the cotton cloth is the perfect choice.
8) If you want to clean up the interior of the laptop, you should read manual before doing it.

These are the best ways to clean your computer. We think that you will try these techniques and get the best results. You can see our previous post about remove shortcut virus from computer and fast your computer.

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