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Change Facebook profile picture to Bijoy dibosh photo frames

Change Facebook profile picture to Bijoy dibosh photo frames

Changing Facebook profile picture to National flag is now a popular and familial activity among the Facebook users. When Paris was attacked by the terrorists, Facebook brought a option in the users timeline to change their profile picture remembering the victims. At that time Facebook users could to change Facebook profile picture to France national flag. That was the first attempt changing the Facebook profile picture to any National flag.

Not only the Franchise, but also the foreign people condemned for them. They overlaid of colors of French national flag. Though many Facebook users claimed giving Facebook status in their timeline against Facebook for that. They said that why Facebook would take that decision for only Franchise, Why not for others? But, the time is changed, many nations are capable to build a process without Facebook authority for the such activity. Like others, you can also change Facebook profile picture to Bangladesh National flag easily. Today, we will show you that process by some steps at the late stage of this article.

However, following 16 December is our Victory Day. That is memorable day for us. We know that we achieved our Independence by sacrificing more than 3 millions life. We lost our relatives, father, mother, sisters and so more people to gain this victory. There were thousands of innocent women were insulted. So, it is big achievement for us.

There are no nation in the world who achieved their independence by like us. 16 December is that day at when we should pledge to gain the nationalism among us. We have to achieve the ability to fight against the all opposed person, people of our freedom. When we singing our national anthem and flying our flag, our minds fill with glory and dignity. This is our nationalism, this is our patriotism.

Many Facebook users has already changed their Facebook profile picture with our national flag. So, it is the time to for you. Follow the bellow steps and change Facebook profile picture easily to our honorable national flag.

Change Facebook profile picture to Bijoy dibosh photo frames

1) Go to the Bdprime-it Facebook post at first. After doing it, you will get the post. To get ‘Try it’ button, you must keep longed in with your Facebook account in this current browser. However, by this link, you can change your profile picture directly clicking on ‘Use as profile picture’.

2) Once you have done, you should get a button named ‘Try it’ bellow to change your Facebook profile picture. Then , click ‘Try it’ button.

Change Facebook profile picture with Bijoy dibosh photo frame overlay

2) Then you should be wait to get a new window to change Facebook profile picture. A preview will be shown overlay with the National flag of Bangladesh on different occasion, like victory day, independence day, international mother language day etc. Then if you will be satisfied  confirm that clicking ‘Use as profile picture’.

Change Facebook profile with Bijoy dibosh photo frame overlay.

5) Now you are done and overlaid your Facebook profile picture with our glorious National Flag and some victory day’s (Bijoy dibosh) photo frames combination. Your changed profile picture may upload to your Facebook account. If that happened, You can change your current profile picture updating that photo you have made.

Change Facebook profile picture

It is mentioned that this Facebook app is secure for all Facebook users. Because, it is recommended by us. So, This Facebook aps may not hamper your Facebook security. Now celebrate the Victory day in Facebook. Ask your all Facebook friends to overlay their Facebook profile picture now. Celebrate the Victory day with all Bangladeshis.

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